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Some Top News about the Snapchat App

Snapchat has become a rival to the other social networking apps. The increasing popularity of

this app says about its popularity among the users. This year the total number of user of this app

is 27 million; this was 14 million in a year before. The new generation is rushing after this app to

share their happy moments and pictures with their friends. The increasing popularity and various

incidents around snapchat make it headline in various Medias. Almost every day we get new

news about snapchat, and this shows the popularity of the app.

Snapchat is going to present a global view of the New Year

Snapchat the popular app is going to document the extreme final moments of 2014 and they will

share this in 2015 in a global presentation. For this the app has made a team that will collect

pictures and videos from the snapchat users at the celebration in New York, St. Petersburg,

Russia, Dubai and from some other cities.

Microsoft removes snapchat third party apps from the store

The third party apps are responsible for misusing the app. By using those third party apps the

users can take screenshots of any of the snapchat pictures. The Microsoft Company has

removed all the third party apps from their app store. This is a very good decision to reduce the

Facebook tries to buy Snapchat

Facebook offers 3.5 billion to buy Snapchat. But the authority of the snapchat app has refused

the offer even without having any revenue. Snapchat wants to develop their app more, they do

not want to sail it this time.

Snapchat starts new service

Snapchat app has started new service named Snapchat Discovery. In this service the users will be

provided with advertise, news and articles from various companies. For this the snapchat

authority has started talking with various companies. The teenage brands are more willing to

promote their products in this app as the main users of the app are teenage boys and girls.

Snapchat starts Geofilters

Snapchat opens the Geofilters for the broader community; anyone can share an artwork, which

will be appeared as Geo Targeted filters on the snapchat pictures. Previously this service was

available for the snapchat users only. But now this is opened up for the greater community. This

will pour some extra spice to enjoy the app more.

Snapchat authority claims third party apps

Snapchat authority has claimed Snapsave and as third party apps. The authority

claims on Twitter that those two companies are responsible for screenshot, the users are allowed

to misuse snapchat by those two apps, though the two companies have denied this accusation.

They say that they even do not use the user name and password of the snapchat users.

The app has now confirmed its place among the top applications of the planet. The users of this

app are increasing day by day. And the new services of this app are making it more appealing to

the users. Today snapchat has become a name.

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