Some of the darker sides of SnapChat-kiidblaze

The details about launching and some brief history

Living in the 21st

anything about the online social networks. Almost everyone has an account in some social

networking sites and do visit them regularly. One of the top trending online social networks

is SnapChat.

century, it is very hard to find someone who has not been to or heard

Real Men Take Selfies on Pink Beds

Real Men Take Selfies on Pink Beds

The unique features

As the app was mainly designed for sharing photos, the users could share the videos and

pictures which remained visible for a certain time and then was not available. The picture

will not get completely deleted but will be hidden. And according to a feature, the users could

view the photos or videos (also known as stories) for unlimited number of times, till 24hours

from the time of their sharing and then the photo would be hidden. If anyone is having

adequate knowledge in such techniques he/ she can easily retrieve the pictures or videos.


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