Kerystin_nicole02-Snapchat has Accused Snapsaved. Com for Snapchat Leak

Snapchat has defeated almost all of its competitors. And this is only for its useful features, and

user friendly services. Even the features of this app are getting updated all the time. The app is

very unique by its features and usefulness. And for that the app has got a huge popularity among

the users. In fact the popularity of the asp is getting increased. And the new services of the app

are enough to gain more popularity by the users. Millions of users now use this app. The total

Snapchat users of this year are more than 27 million, which was 14 million in the previous year.

This high amount of users is quite astonishing. Most of the other social networking Medias have

not such high number of users.

Snapchat accuses Snapsaved. Com for photo leak

For many days the Snapchat users are worried about the Snapchat leak. The private pictures

and videos are getting hacked by some hackers. And for that the privacy of some users are

getting disclosed. After a long investigation Snapchat has accused Snapsaved. Com for Snapchat

leak. Snapchat has said that this third part app and their website are responsible for this illegal work. Snapsaved. Com is a third part app that allows its users to take screenshots of the Snapchat pictures. And they are doing this work even knowing about it. And for that the images of

Snapchat are getting stored by the users. Some users are taking this evil facility by this third

party app. And by that the privacy of the millions of users are getting disclosed. Snapchat has

directly accused this company for taking screenshots.



What Snapsaved. Com says

The authority of Snapsaved. Com is saying that their app or site is not responsible for this illegal

work. They are saying that they did not use the username or password of the Snapchat users. The

authority of this third party app is very much strong in their statement. They are saying that it is a

rumor. But the fact is that the app is responsible for this work. The app allows its users to take

screenshots. And for that the users get the Snapchat pictures. They can save the explicit pictures

in their device. And thus the Snapchat leak is happening.

Beside that the hackers are engage in hacking this app. And thus they get the huge collection of

explicit pictures and videos from the hub of the app. The app is very much popular for its

disappearing feature. And for this disappearing feature the users share their private images, dirty selfies and explicit Snapchat videos with the friends. But those private pictures are getting stored by the hackers or the screenshot takers. And they post those objects in various websites or even in the social networking sites. Thus the popularity of the millions of users is getting disclosed. The privacy of those users is getting public. Millions of users are worried for this. They are not getting this app safe anymore.

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