kelsey 4-Snap happily with playing the music on the background

With the growing number of social media sites and messaging apps, it has become very

challenging for snapchat to stay in the race and to survive. The motive of the app is to deliver

the possible best result for their world wide users. Till now they have invented so many different

types of features. Their unique features have served to the pleasure of the users. Now according

to recent news, we have heard that the app is going to include the music feature on the app.

different people have different taste and to match their taste, the head of the company have

landed on a decision for the inclusion of various kinds of music.

Add meaning to your every snap with music:

Let’s make a move towards delving into what is snap chat and how does it function? It is a

messaging app. calling it a mere messaging app will be a serious crime. Images are clicked and

sent to friend for them to see and after a certain period of time the photos disappear

automatically. At the begging of the app, it was only limited to clicking and sharing of photos

but as the time passes, many other different and innovative features made their entry to the

feature list of the app. after photos, videos came onto the list of features and after that drawings became a noteworthy feature of the app. as the time slowly moved, it became an essential part to lead the life for the youth of this generation. Now it is going to feature music on the list of the various features. Each of the features has its own facility and is able to entertain the user. We are sure that music will equally entertain the users. Spielgel has hinted that the time is not very far and users will not have o wait for any longer to witness a revolution in the world of smartphone applications.



Music is going to feature into the app:

Undeniably music is an important part of our daily day life. Try to recall a moment when you

have not enjoyed an awesome piece of music while doing messaging r anything related to it.

Music is the most appealing thing to each one of us. The company for the app is going to launch

their music feature very soon and it is in the news that Madonna the queen of music is going to

launch the songs from her new album very soon. Ever since the time the new broke out, users

have started to pass their time in waiting for the dream come true. Users from now on will be

able to add music to their photos. No longer will videos be boring and monotonous, they will be

added with suitable music which will better express the emotions of the sender.

It is being greatly praised by all for the unique and innovative feature of the app snapchat. it is an allege challenge of the company that no one will be able to match the standard set by them in he near or distant future.

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