Kayline Peschel-Snapchat- Is there any room for this internet phenomenon to grow more?

In November 2014, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launched ‘Super’- another quirky feather in

the cap of one of the phenomenal social networking legacies called Twitter. According to Biz

Stone, everybody loves to voice their opinions in the virtual space and ‘Super’- with its colorful

statements and weird images can help the users to put out- what’s there in their minds and

makes the opinions appear on the news feed of their friends via Facebook or Twitter. Right now,

Snapchat is giving Twitter a run for its money in terms of popularity, so it’s highly anticipated

from this social networking app to up it’s ‘oomph’ factor.

What’s the secret of Snapchat being the most-talked about ‘one’?

Since its launch in 2011, if one wants to analyze the secret behind head-turning success of

Snapchat, the points will look as follows-

• Snapchat gives intimacy- In Facebook everything is open and though it’s convenient

for the old and the wise; for hormone-raging teens- Snapchat provides with comfortable

discreetness and the intimacy of being connected to hand-picked friends.

• Snapchat=Sexting – As they say’ any publicity is a good publicity’, so it happens to

Snapchat too. With the allegation of Snapchat, being the images-messaging app, is

used mostly to send nude pictures ( sexting); the rumor only fuelled the charisma and

attraction of Snapchat among teens and adults ( aged 25- 34 years) alike.

• Snapchat means evolution- Whether it’s Snapchat Stories or Snapchat Discovery

or the latest Snapcash; this app is all about finding out new avenues to feed the social

networking hunger of the current millennial.color-full-Family-Room-Decorating-Ideas-with-Traditional-Style-TouchShare please, 608 slut

Why & how Snapchat should become sexier in future?

Snapchat is in a good place right now where the app has started to roll in money- either

with the backings of names like Alibaba and Yahoo or tying up with dazzling brands

to augment ‘Snapchat Discovery’ segment. So it’s established that, the app is in a

position to build something quirkier, stupider, sexier and crazier for its followers, without

thinking seriously about how much revenue it’s going to fetch. Just like Biz Stone did

with ‘Super’.

But to hit the Bull’s eye, Snapchat should first focus on the followings-

• To sort out friends in a more correct way

Instead of same-old ‘recents’ and ‘best friends’ groups, Snapchat should give

the users a chance to sort out friends-list in a more innovative way- in terms of

closeness, hobbies, occupation, favorites etc.

• Enrich the experience of users

From adding cooler ‘Filtering’ options to ‘Editing’ features that allow the users-
more than coloring and putting one-line text- list has many. Also making the

quality of the pictures brighter and superior must also be in Snapchat’s agenda.

• To do ‘something’ about third-party applications

With two consecutive hackings of users-data via a third party server, it’s high

time Snapchat pulls the socks up and takes some measures to – either validate or

abolish the third part applications.

To make the competition between Snapchat and Twitter spicier, it’s extremely

expected that the former indulges Snapchatters with a more hedonic ride.

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