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FTC charges snapschat on false claims

The snapchat came into the market with promises to erase the data sent to destination within

a stipulated time, the FTC has termed this fact to be deceiving after the app being hacked by a

third party a few days back. Snap chat apps failure of the Find Friend feature has resulted in the

security lapse and the hackers were in a position to access the database to all users of snapchat.

Its working style was also falsely represented to its users. And the security and privacy was

being such an important point of the app which it has marketed with, it is equally important to

keep those promises, as said by FTC officials.

The central marketing tool of the app being privacy and the files or the messages transferred will

disappear forever, which is virtually seen but the hackers are actually getting access to these files

or messages. Hence this might be said to be an infringement of promises made by the company.
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Delete snapchat a major cause of concern

Snapchat’s improper researcher team has to lead to the app being accessible to the third party

who took away its all privacy from the users. Notwithstanding, the several complains launched

by the recipients suggested that there are ways to save the friends pictures in this app.

Deleted snapchat pic will be deleted from the list forever was the claim of the company made

officials and so this claim doesn’t stand in this case. According to complain logged by the

officials of FTC; consumer’s say that the third party can easily log on to the snapchat service.

Snapchat pic are greatly part and passel of the snap chat app because pictures speak 1000

words and it is also authentic at the same time. This app transfers all types of media files to the

destination and also is deleted within 10 seconds. The whole process takes place very nicely, but

the people, known as hackers are provided access to keep the deleted information.

Failure of the authenticity

This app was into the market with the prime motto of not leakage of information more often but

in case they are doing so they are bound to be said failing to keep those privacy policies. In case

of friends pictures when it is transferred it then it is deleted with the stipulated time set by the

app. If in case this photos when deleted goes to third parties phone or PC they might always want

to sell those pictures in the market. Hence the privacy of a person is hindered here.

Snapchat pic is very popular among the teenager as they use it in class room of educational

institution to the personal usage within which some of the weak or inappropriate usage is all part.

There if those picture or videos if hacked will a great threat to the user-base of a product and

they may also lose out some its greatest value at an app.

Various important messages and schedules can be shared if the hackers hack and get information

if be disaster to person using it, so FTC has charges of the claims of the apps to be invalid.

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