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What is Snapchat Sluts and why it is being the talk of the town?

The introduction of “Snapchat Sluts” is not surprising as most of the crowds were expecting

that something like this will come soon the niche of online photo sharing websites and apps.

As it is known to all that the moment Snapchat is introduced as a platform for sending nude

picture a website is not so far that a website will come to accumulate those nude snaps.

Though the developers never promoted it as a platform for sexting, but what can be the better

use of an app that is inherited with the feature of self-destructible images. As stated by the

developers the image will be destructed automatically within or less than 10 seconds and

cannot be regained back by the recipient’s device. But it comes with a drawback, if you are

a user of android and iOs phone you must be aware of the fact that these devices allow the

consumer to take a screen shot, hence it is quite easy for the users to capture a screenshot of

the photo in order to save it. If someone tries to take a screenshot of the snap the user will

be informed but the shortcoming of the app is that it cannot delete the screenshot from the

device of the recipient hence anyone can save the picture and can post it online. This is the

major issue that is evolved around the app.Jwogoman Yolojwogoman yolo snap chat hottest girl

Why Snapchat is not the appropriate platform for sexting and what are the risk


Snapchat was assumed to be the ideal platform for sexting that do not come with any

negative outcome, many people were longing for such a platform but this drawback spoils

the situation. The CEO of the app never entertain the thought of sexting through it, according

to his statement, people should not use this platform for sexting when they have the scope of

experiencing real life sex.

Snapchat Sluts and the consequences

“Snapchat slut” that was created by Kirill Bichutsky where the women submit their nude

photos willingly, the result was unimaginable. When he asked what was the inspiration

behind producing Tumblr he replied he was bored at that time and wanted to see how many

women willingly show their secret organs. As the result was really fanatical he came to

the decision to build the site. If this can be so popular then it is not hard to imagine that the

only Snapchat edition IsAnyoneUp.com. will take over the internet. Here the women can

submit their photos by abiding three basic rules of sexting, never post the images with face,

identifiable furniture and clothing. If you post a picture here there will be no risk of identity

revealing and therefore you are safe from any sort of further hassle. It is the safe way of

having fun and you can entertain yourself at your free times. Seriously this would be fun to

watch the consequences of this exclusive world of entertainment.

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