Just playing-What pleasures people get while looking at Snapchat leaked photos?

Snapchat- the photo-messaging app which created quite a storm in the social networking circle

since the year 2011, have been facing quite a backlash in the recent years from the critics, over

its security flaws. Though time and again Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has claimed that Snapchat

takes utmost care to ensure the safety of its contents; the consecutive two massive hackings of

Snapchat users’ information (both in terms of data and images) since December 2013, have made

a mockery out of his assertiveness.

The Snappening- the mayhem over 100K Snapchat leaked photos

In October 2014, the social networking addicts were shaken when 100k “deleted” photos of

Snapchat users were leaked by a hackers’ group called 4chan. The incident got double media

glare as few days ago, a similar hacking occurred where nude celebrity pictures were leaked.

Now in the Western media, fawning over nude celeb pictures was not an issue but in this case,

many grave words like ‘feminism’, ‘misogyny’ and ‘private space’ cropped up- as the celeb

names associated with ‘The Fappening’ (the name of this celeb nude photo leaking incident)

belonged to the Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Jennifer Anniston to

name a few. And each of the photos was captured in the private moments.

So when, few days after one of the most scandalous celeb photo leaks took place in the history

of hacking, ‘The Snappening’ shocked the world and kept tongues of the critics rolling on- how

Snapchat could be so careless when, in 2013, it was warned by Gibson Security- a security firm

in Australia over the vulnerable API system of the android app?

But beyond criticizing Snapchat on its safety measures that apparently seem lacking, few

pertinent questions are raised like- how are people looking at these leaked photos of Snapchat?

And what do they do with these personal snaps?



Voyeurism or Child pornography- which drives people to view Snapchat leaked photos?

Even if Snapchat is to be blamed for showing slack in security measures or hackers to invade

in privacy- those who leap into joy when such ‘sensational’ hacking takes place and promptly

download the images from BitTorrent, RapidShare or Mega; are equally the ‘partner-in-crime’.

It’s the threat of child pornography that triggered questioning the morality of millions of people

who lay their hands in somebody’s private properties. Though it has been surveyed that very

negligible percentage of Snapchat leaked photos contain nude images; the sheer statistics that

showed the rate at which people were downloading the images of ‘ The Snappening’, again

proves the fact that everybody has a voyeuristic streak inside. Even if the photo is not nude, the

raw thrill one may earn while enjoying anybody’s privately captured moment can raise a good

topic for psycho-analysts to dissect over.


Once ‘The Fappening’ took place, the social media forums like Reddit were overflowing with

sadistic comments from users over nude contents and ‘The Snappening’ triggered the same.

So now the answer is clear- it’s the skewed instinct that drives people to do what they do with

leaked photos.

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