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Security Breaches:End-User’s privacy on stake

Snapchat leak is a security breach which shocked people around the globe and exposed the

private life of its subscriber. This is utter failure from the app manufacturer’s perspective as they

weren’t able to provide confidentiality to the end-user’s data. Snapchat, which is popular as a

famous sexting application among iPhones or Android users allows users to send images, texts

and videos to other chosen subscriber. There are many apps in the market which accomplishes

the same but the reason Snapchat is most popular is because it allows users set expiration timer

which ranges from 1 to 10 seconds on the content they send. So, this allows freedom in the mind-
set of the user to share any picture which might be embarrassing or silly with his perspective

because in back of his mind he know that all the content he is sharing volatile and will be

evaporated in a while. So people shares there close and embarrassing moments with the people

they know to show the other dimension of their life.

Snapchat Leak: Who is ultimately at the receiving end?

Initially here were many security breaches and hacking attempts that were targeted on the

MNC’s and SME’s that would Hampers Company’s image and affects its business. Then

companies would proactively integrate stricter policies and procedure to combat this type of

threats. With Snapchat, the app is involved in controversies from the start. Many successful

hacking attempt where accomplished from the origin of application and still there so many

loopholes in the core security mechanism in the functioning of the app. Recently, Snappening,

named after ‘The Fappening’; leaked and dubbed version of Snapchat which involves 200,00

images which consists of stolen nude images from celebrities and also contains images which

involves child pornography.
Just Off To Butcher Some Rag HeadsJust Off To Butcher Some Rag Heads

What happened next

All the hacked content was posted on viralpop.com, which lured user to visit their site and

installed malware on the computer when trying to download the stolen images.When asked

decision makers of Snapchat, which still have more than 100 million monthly subscribers, about

these leaks they straight away rejected any hack in there servers and blamed third party apps

responsible for this leakage. Snapchat from the start prohibits the usage of third party apps and

they can take screenshot of the content before it gets deleted and send it to their server. They

also said in the public statement corresponding to these hacks that we always monitor the Apps

store from android and iTunes, always make sure that these malicious apps get removed. In

instance like Snappening.org or Snapsaved.com, ultimately end-user is the one who is paying the

price when there private life gets exposed and brought to public. This hack should alarm the end-
user and should act as a wake-up before posting any content in these kinds of apps. Snapchat is

very tempting for teens as means of sharing their pictures and their moments but now the risks

are higher of the contents getting exposed. So parents and mature people in society should also

keep a watch on children and their apps habit as they are under false sense of security which

these apps provide.

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