Snapchat Discovery- the coming-of-the-age story-just hanging

When Snapchat first initiated its brand in 2011, the cynics didn’t fully believe what it’s going to

do. The ‘disappearing’ nature of Snapchat pictures is what it made the photo-messaging app a

smashing one, though somehow, it all seemed a bit illogical as why should someone go through

the pain of downloading the app in his phone, then clicking a selfie, sending it via the app to a

group of friends, and then seeing it getting deleted after 10 seconds. But the reality turned out

something quite different.

When Snapchat came into the forefront, one way or another, the teenagers aged 13-17 were

growing quite unhappy with Facebook. For them, the most popular among social networking

sites was beginning to feel quite outdated and full of parental vigilance. Also the teenage

populace of social networking sites, were waking up to the fact that- what they upload in

internet is not going to be obliterated so easily, as for internet, the proverb is quite apt as ‘

what goes around, comes around’. It’s every teenager’s worst night mare that- what pictures

they would upload in an inebriated state (and what seemed momentarily cool for them!), will

boomerang back in the next morning. So for them, Snapchat is the apt choice which provides

them the pleasure of sharing contents and connecting with new and old friends-alike, but also the

thrill of witnessing their ‘risqué’ images evaporating within 10 seconds.
Just HangingJust Hanging

So exactly how Snapchat can attract revenue with its ‘vanishing acts’?

When Snapchat turned down the $3 billion acquisition- proposal from Facebook in the year

2013, many catcalls thrown at the way of this android app. The first was- how dare a merely 2-

year old tech start-up could snub an offer so magnanimous in nature, especially from Facebook?

The second was- how an ‘almost’ non-entity like Snapchat can be valued at $3 billion within

mere 2 years of its life? The third one was- how revenue-less company like Snapchat, which

could be so brass about rejecting the spectacular offer from a big investor, can earn money in the

future, or did it have any intention of monetize the app at all?

The scenario became clearer when Snapchat SEO- Evan Spiegel, in a summit in San Francisco

during July 2014, told that- Snapchat is planning to be bigger and independent conglomerate

in future and in order to achieve that- the first step will be the Snapchat ads. Though already

Snapchat had accumulated investors like Alibaba and Yahoo, but Snapchat ads, which recently

inaugurated with the 10 seconds fleeting promo of movie ‘Ouija’, seem to catch the fancy of big

brands like Taco Bell and GE already. But Snapchat Discovery- the service of ‘disappearing’

news contents that is set to be introduced in November this year, is quite original in nature.

The interesting parts of Snapchat Discovery

Time, Buzzfeed, MailOnline will be some of the lead providers for news contents, TV/ Video

clips and articles for Snapchat Discovery. Though the company has not revealed other names yet,

but it promised to make this segment of branded videos and news material, as interesting as that

of branded advertisements of Snapchat.

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