just hanging wif my friends like my haircut and hairstyle-Snapchat wins hearts rapidly

Now a day Micro blogging sites and instant photo messengers are very much in trend. Recent

trend shows that instead of instant micro messaging sites the instant photo messengers are much

popular. In today’s time Snapchat is one of the most appreciated app by the verdict of the users.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant photo messaging application, jointly developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby

Murphy and Reggie Brown. It offers us to share short video clips and photos with our friends,

relatives and close ones. Using this application user can take photos, record videos; add text

and drawings to it and instantly send them. They can also handle the recipient list by the control

panel of the app. These sent images and videos are called “Snaps”. A unique feature of this app

is you can set the time limit for how long recipients can view your forwarded snaps. After a

while these photographs will automatically dissolved from the app’s server. Users can set the

timer for how long it will be there or not. A recent survey shows that users are sending 700

million images and videos per day through it and snapchat content are being followed by over

500 million times per day.Just Hanging Wif My Friends Like My Haircut And HairstyleJust Hanging Wif My Friends Like My Haircut And Hairstyle

User manual of the app

In the recent time most of the people are technologically very sound. With the help of smart

phones we can easily access with social networking sites and various apps. Snapchat is one of

those applications which can smoothly run in android phones and in iPhone too. To access this

application firstly you have to download on your smart phone. The size of the app is not so big.

It is 16.2 MB in size which can easily fit in your phone. Both the iOs and Android operating

system can run the application smoothly. The ephemeral nature of Snap chat images which are

mostly known as snapshots are very much easy to take. And with a swipe of your figure you can

forward it to your friends.

Main key feature

The main philosophy of the company is “real-time picture chatting”. It is more fun because you

can take picture and forward it with in a second or twice. The immense popularity of snapchat

lies on the instant delivery of our images with the help of web. Privacy setting section is there

which includes your basic account information and you can control who can send you snaps.

Conversations through the app or sharing photos by it, is great because they are shared, enjoyed

but not saved. After a certain period of time you can easily remove the sharing object from the

drive. You have to set the timer to do that. Recently Snapchat improvises a new beneficial

aspect within it, that you can easily shoot video while listening to the music. This feature can

reduce the monotony of capturing pictures or videos. Young adults above eighteen and teenagers

can also send or borrow money using this application.

No other instant photo sharing applications have this kind of user friendly features in it. So it is

gathering immense popularity day by day. Still there is some controversy arising regarding this

popular app but that are negligible. Company officials working hard to sought out those issues.

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