SnapChat Picture Messaging Application-just couldnt wait

Even after being a famous application among many SnapChat is still a mystery for many.

There is a still question about the different feature the application is offering. So what is

SnapChat? It is in simple terms is a mobile application which runs on Android OS and

iOS. It is a picture messaging application which promotes the idea of social networking like


just couldnt wait
just couldnt wait


The user can send videos and pictures to friends who are also in the SnapChat server and

using the app. The sender can send a picture and determine the time till when the recipient

could see it. Once the recipient opens the picture or the video after that certain amount of

time the user determined the picture disappears from the application server. It is called the

Snap Disappear feature and is a unique feature which is only given by the application. But the

recipient could take a screenshot of the picture before it gets disappear. The application has a

great screenshot feature which is very helpful to bypass the disappearing Snap feature.

Apart from sending videos and picture the user can also draw images and share. There are

tools offered by the application which allows the user to draw funny images or write like a

real life notepad and send to their friends. Users are not limited to send only those pictures

which are present in the phone memory. They can take picture instantly edit the pictures

accordingly and share them with their friends. As for example user finds funny images. So

rather than closing the application, clicking the picture using the phone camera, saving it in

phone and then sending it simply the user can instant click the picture using the application’s

camera and share it with friends.

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