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Follow Style and Fashion Now in Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the popular apps in the planet. The total user of snapchat app is 27 million,

this year; it was 11 million in the last year. The app allows you to share pictures, videos and

messages with your friends. You choose any object you like to share, then you have to select

time from 1 to 10 seconds for the duration of your snap and then it is ready to share with your

friends. The snap will arrive for only that selected few periods, after that time the snap will be

deleted automatically from the snapchat app. The time limitation is one of the most important

features of the app. The app is very popular among the youngsters of the United States and of the

whole world.

In Style chooses Snapchat to promote their products

Many brands and sites are attracted by the popularity of the app. Those brands are taking

snapchat as a medium of advertisement, so that they could reach as many people as they can. In

Style also is in snapchat now; they provide you with their excellent and helpful style tips. From

their office they are sharing pictures of various beauty products with the snapchat users. If you

are a snapchat user you can get the glimpses of those products. You can be updated by the

fashionable closet of In Style, containing bags, shoes and accessories. You will get the news of

the celebrities’ fashion segment. The style tips of hair, makeup, fashion and all the important

things are provided by the company only for you, through the snapchat app.

The popularity of Snapchat

The app is popular among the teenagers; the United States teenage boys and girls, aged between

13 to 17 years, are involved in snapchat, the most. They share their pictures, snapchat videos

and messages through this app. A report says that almost the half snapchat users are the teenage

boys and girls. So, the fashion and style brands are more interested to promote their brands

through this social networking app. Those companies try to share the pictures of their products

of various accessories, so that they can reach to the young age as much as possible. The teenage

brands are very much willing to give their advertisement in this app. And the users will be

benefited also by getting the updated news and style segment of the present days.

There are many companies who are interested in giving their advertisement and updating news in

this app. In Style is such a site that wants to promote their glorious closet to the snapchat users.

Thus they get a good market for their site and brand. The snapchat users will be able to see the

pictures of all the products of recent fashion and style. The products of hair style, makeup

accessories and the products related to the fashions are very much available in the snapchat app.

Actually those fashion related products have a good market among the teenage users, and as the

most of the users of snapchat are teenage boys and girls, those fashion brands are very much

interested in snapchat.

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