SnapChat’s expanding business and popularity-Jurassic Shart media news and network

SnapChat, the temporary photo messaging application, has turned into the immensely popular

platform for teenagers and older alike since its launch. This is an unique app because it do not

believe in the virtue of perfection, instead simply relies on the spontaneous and fun quotient.
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The gradual escalation of SnapChat:

It is no wonder that SnapChat is ranking on the 19th

overall in the free photography apps ranking, only next to Instagram. The app is aiming to

expand its business further by soft launching a version sited for Android particularly. As the

team worked to build the Android app, it was seen that many Android cameras operate in

different ways and have black bars at the bottom and top to view the picture beforehand. To give

the users a good experience, the app builders had spent quite some time to make the app suitable

to Android phones in every way.

Reports say that already over a billion of photos have been shared.

This figure keeps on growing as the users are known to have been sharing 20 million snaps per

day which means more than 231 photos every second! No wonder the user base of this platform

has increased to a huge extent within a week of its launch in Android smartphones. The iphone

update has also been launched recently which has only added to the mass popularity of the app.

All this business is only happening with the target of transforming into the dominating the photo

sharing space in communication.

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