juicy aas-158-Snapchat’s new surprise package

Immensely popular app Snapchat has recently announced some unique features in it. Here we

are discussing about the new announcement and how the users will be benefitted by using those


What is Snapchat?

It is an ephemeral messaging service. This instant photo sharing and video messaging mobile

app is offering us to share short snapchat-video clips and snapshots with our friends, relatives

and close ones. In the recent time most of the people’s are technologically sound. With the help

of smart phones we can easily access with social networking sites. Snapchat is one of those

applications which can smoothly run in android phones and in iPhone too. It is very tiny in size.

We can take picture and instant edit it with the toolbar option and send them to our close ones.

Up gradation and evolution is inevitable for every aspect. To maintain the immense popularity

among the users recently Snapchat has announced a new feature in it. They have added features

like replay, visual filters, smart filters, front camera flash and some other.Juicy Aas-158Juicy Aas-158 -i am gaining weight, you know how much i can left? I want to be as strong as you.

Beneficial aspects of these features:

Replay: This replay feature allows you to watch the one snapshot for the second time. Earlier

day snapchat offered us instant photo sharing. We took photos and then sent them to our friends.

After certain period of time those pictures were dissolved by itself. Generally there was no

option of undoing those data or images. But after the addition of this new feature you can see

that image for the second time. Snapchat officials say that they have made this feature to help

their users to revive and relive the lost moments.

Visual Filters: The update brings smart filters and visual filters which are turned off by default

and can be enabled by navigating to settings within the app. Additional services are also there

within this feature. It shows weather information while taking picture. Date and time also shows

in the image. You can also maintain the speed and time to your snaps.

Smart filters: By clicking on the touch screen of your mobile or swiping it to left to right you

can handle it. Now a day everybody wants to click pictures. But while uploading or sharing those

images we always want to give a touch up to it. Here the smart filters work efficiently. Instagram

has this feature inbuilt into it. Various effects like sepia tone, hoglaish, ortonish type of color

mode can be done with the help of it.

Front flashing camera: Selfie bug has bitten us. We seriously like it. So we need a good camera

flash for clicking those beautiful images. Front flash helps us to enhance the brightness of the

picture. So you can take a selfie or groupfie any where or in anyplace. Primary need of taking

selfie is related to a front flashing camera. Snapchat offers us to enhance the lighting particle of

our phone. So you can match the steps to be trendy.

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