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With the ragingly increasing number of social networking sites, it has turned into a biggest

challenge for the app snapchat to survive the race. The motto of the app is to provide its

worldwide users with best of their service and to do that they are now app to include many

different, unique and worthy features. All of their efforts so far have proved to be very useful and

pleasant to its users. And so they have invented and so they are going to introduce its all new

feature-music in coming days. There are different people who have different taste and to match

their standard of taste, snapchat has introduced a new feature that will get you different taste of

music and let you include them to your photos and videos.
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Add more expression to your snaps and videos with music:

Let’s have a move to delve deep into what is this snap chat and how actually does it work? This

app is a messaging or more specifically photo messaging app. It will be complete wrong to call it

a mere photo sharing app. It is much more than that. In the early days of the app, this app only

limited to being clicking and sharing photos and videos. It is time for something and hat

something is none other than music. Have you ever imagined something like that? The CEO of

the company has hinted it in a program and latterly they put a confirmation on it in a press

conference. It is truly a great endeavor taken up by the company and they deserve a great

applause for it for sure.

Music is going to be introduced:

It is undeniable a fact that music is an integral as well as an inseparable part of our life. Can you

remember even a moment in your life when you did not enjoy a good music? The answer is big

no. music is that celestial phenomenon that touches the life of all, it mixes its color with

everyone’s soul. The company is going to launch its new feature very soon and singer like

Madonna have agreed to launch their new music albums on this app. Since the tine, the news has

come to the fore, fans and its users are waiting for it to be true. Now say good bye to your

boredom forever as you are going to be able from now on to insert music to each of your pictures

and videos. Now better express your feelings and add more impressive sides to your message.

A concluding note:

It is now being hugely praised by all due to its unique and new feature of the app snapchat. It

has been a challenge for the company which none will be able to throw challenge at and to match

the standard has been created in the near or any time in distant future. Let’s see what this app can

do for us. we are eagerly waiting to see the miracle to happen.

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