JJ-Snapchat- A Curse or Blessing?

When technology has gifted humans so much, the young age wants more. They get something or

other this day or that day from technology to meet up their demands. Mostly, what the youngster

wants is to stay connected to their friends. The best thing in this regard was possible when

mobile phones were launched. One could call their friends from anywhere any time. Now, they

want more and hence they want some service that would let them be in share words with friends

whenever they want. It’s just a snap, and your picture is in in hands of your friend.

Snapchat- chat with a snap

With snapchat, you can share your picture with your friends within a second. However, there

is controversy in it. It is a controversial software, on which people gives mixed reactions.

Youngsters and teenagers are very much excited about the app while the Parents are worried

about the privacy policy of this app as sexting is very much in practice now. Young people

shares some moments with their friends and they then do not even care about the outcome that

may come in future. Although there are different uses of snapchat, yet sexting is becoming

common now. The different things for which snap chat can be used are

Uses of Snapchat

Basically, the following are some of the use of snap chat.

• You can have a loyal base of users, with each having their preferred screen names.

• You may use it to access Facebook and find friends and get their contact details and


• The most important use is that once you use it, the image automatically gets deleted from

the server and the recipient cannot view it later.He be silly

Concern about the app

These are the basic use of snapchat, however teenagers today use then for sexting and there

is where all the concern lies. Sharing nude picture has become a recent trend now. Those who

share think that they are sharing them with close friends and hence there is no harm in doing so.

Moreover, it would get deleted from the server soon, so no risk. They forget that the user may

download the picture and when you have words with friends it may be shared with others whom

you would never want.

Thus, although the application is really good, it needs that the users are very careful while

using it otherwise they may be abused. Different people would use it different way for their

benefit, like some may use it for enhancing their business, while others may do it to share lovely

moments with their friends. If handled properly it can even be utilized for digital marketing.


With this app, it is possible to let people see your products and your prospective customers know

about the new items that you are launching. Hence, if properly used, this app is really good.

However, it would depend upon the user, how they are using it. Whatever be the way, if handled

properly, this app is going to be great help for those who want technology to gift them something

new regularly.

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