jizzed in my pantaloons-Snapchat- the New Rival to Facebook

From its origin Snapchat has become hot cake to the users, and within a few days it has gained

lots of popularity. Even today this popularity of the Snapchat app has been getting increased.

And it has defeated almost all of its competitor apps. In fact this social networking app is a

picture sharing app. The users can download Snapchat app from the play store or from other

authentic sites. The installation of this app is simple as the other apps. The objects those get

shared in this app are called snaps. You need to select time for your snap; it is its existing time, it

could be from 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver will be allowed to see this snap only for these

selected seconds. People like this disappearing feature of this app the most.

Snapchat defeats Facebook

Various reports show that after appearing Snapchat in the world of social networking Medias

Facebook has been losing its users continuously. Snapchat has become a biggest rival to

Facebook. Millions of people are now interested in this new born picture sharing app for its

unique features and services. Not only Facebook but also all the other social networking sites and

apps has lost their users in a huge number after the popularity of Snapchat. Facebook once tried

to buy the Snapchat app, and for that they had given a proposal of $3 billion. But Snapchat did

not pay attention to this proposal. They are more interested to make their app more interesting by

improving its features and services. After that Facebook has made a clone app, just like

Snapchat, named Slingshot. But it has not got market like Snapchat, so, Facebook has failed to

make a rival of Snapchat. All those attempts of Facebook are enough to prove that Snapchat has

become a strong competitor to them.

Jizzed In My PantaloonsJizzed In My Pantaloons

Popularity of Snapchat

Millions of people are now engage in online friendship through Snapchat. The number of total

Snapchat users in now 27 million, this was 14 million in a year before. More than 500 million

snaps get shared everyday by the users. Those reports are enough to show the popularity of

Snapchat in the modern generation. And as it is a Smartphone app people are very comfortable

with this app. Sharing picture and Snapchat videos through this app has become a fashion today.

Mainly the teenagers are more engage in this app top share their emotion with friends. A report

has shown that the half of the total Snapchat users is the United States teens, and their age is

between 13 to 17 years. This report shows clearly that the new generation is more interested to

use this social networking app.

Snapchat has taking new features and services to make it more useful for the users. They have

added many new services like Snapchat Discover, text chat, video calling etc. and all those are

enough to make the app more popular. Response from the users for those new services is also

very positive. Thus the app is being stronger defeater to the other apps.

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