Jesus-Top 10 News of Snapchat- Its Popularity and Its New Services

Snapchat, the most popular picture sharing app has gained a huge popularity among the teenage

users of the United States and the other world. Infarct, the popularity of the app is increasing day

by day. Almost every day we get a lot of news, regarding Snapchat. Almost every first page is

contained with some Snapchat news. Here we discuss about the top ten news regarding Snapchat.

1. McDonald in Snapchat news service: We know that Snapchat has launched their new

service, which provides advertisements to the Snapchat users. For this Snapchat

authority had done a lot of meeting with several brands. Several brands also use this

popular platform for advertisement. The famous food brand McDonald also joined

Snapchat for advertising. McDonald has showing a 15 seconds video clip, as advertise.

2. Snapchat adds several services: Snapchat is very popular for its user friendly services

and a lot of unique features. But now the app is going to be more popular with its new

services. Such as Snapchat Discovery, Snapchat Stories, Geofilters, and ChitChat. Those

services will complete the app. And the users will get the app more useful.

3. Snapchat users don’t hate ads: Some critics said that the users of Snapchat will not

like the advertise service of the app. But according to the survey of the Snapchat

authority we can see that the Snapchat users do not hate the Snapchat advertised at all,

rather they are interested for the advertises.

4. 485.6 million Users of Snapchat: The photo sharing app has now done a world record

by engaging a vast numbers of people in this app. The users of Snapchat have now

increased to 585.6 million, and this is a great success for the company.

5. Snapchat value indicates: Snapchat CEO refused $ 3 billion offer from the Facebook.

And now it can be said that the decision was a wise because now the total valuation of

the Snapchat app is $ 10 billion. This amount is very high for a Smartphone app.

6. FTC charges against Snapchat: Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges against the

Snapchat app for its loose security policy. As all know that the weaker security policy of

Snapchat is the cause of Snapchat leak.

7. Microsoft removes third party apps: Microsoft has removed all the third party

Snapchat apps from their windows phone store. The third party apps are responsible for

Snapchat leak, so, this step from Microsoft signifiers a lot.

8. Snapchat authority accuses third party apps: The Snapchat authority has accused

some third party apps for allowing the users taking screenshots.

9. Snapchat rejects $ 3 billion offer from Facebook: Snapchat rejects $ 3 billion offer

from the Facebook authority. This is a wise decision from Snapchat authority.

10. Snapchat launches Snapchat Discovery: Snapchat launches a new service named

Snapchat discovery, in which advertise, article, news are allowed for the users, from

various brands and company.

Snapchat app is increasing its popularity with days; the whole generation is now involved in this

app. The app has now become an unbeatable one.

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