Jess hope-All About The Photo Messaging Application: SNAPCHAT

Basics of SNAPCHAT: Snap means pictures, clips, videos etc and Chat means conversations.

SNAPCHAT is a mobile application through which users can send pictures, messages, drawings and videos

to other persons. It is allowed only in android and iPhone. Pictures, videos and messages can be sent only to

the saved contact list in the user mobile phone. When user sends a message and decides that the message

should live for 1 to 10 seconds, then the recipient can see this message only for that specified period of time

decided by the sender. After this specified period of time the message will be deleted from the mobile of the

recipient and also from the SNAPCHAT server. But it cannot be said surely that the message is deleted from

the SNAPCHAT server permanently. Apple iOS and Google’s android allows you to capture the screen.

Such an interesting application was first created by Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown.

Chronology of SNAPCHAT: SNAPCHAT was first lunched in April 2011 under the name of

“Picaboo” which was designed by Evan Spiegel with his classmate Brown Reggie. After sometimes Bobby

Murphy joined the team for coding the application. Later it is renamed and re launched under the name

SNAPCHAT. The application mascot is known as “Ghost face Chillah” designed by Reggie Brown. In May

2012 at first it was possible to send 25 images per second using this application. Later the application was

improved and file sharing rate increased to 20 million photos per day. Later on 29th November 2012

SNAPCHAT released for android operating system also.

SNAPCHAT for Teens: SNAPCHAT introduced SnapKidz on June 2013 for the users below

13 years of age. SnapKidz gets activated automatically while the users provide their date of birth for

verifying the age of 13 years or less. SnapKidz allows to take the snaps and to draw on them in the local

drives but cannot share them with others.

Broadcast Feature: SNAPCHAT launched the My Story feature in October 2013. The

feature allows the user to create personal video and to broad cast that video to the selected number of

recipients. The videos broad casted through this application last for 24 hours and can be viewed by the

recipients for 24 hours time period. But after this specified period of time these videos disappear from their

devices. SNAPCHAT first lunched the advertisement feature in 19th October 2014. These movie trailers of

20 seconds of time are known as “Oujja”.

Start Up Procedure: Users can use this application only on the smart phones or on the touch

screen mobiles. To explore all the features of SNAPCHAT you should have the internet connection. Before

using the application, it is needed to download into the devices and have to sign up first. For signing up you

need to create user id and to provide password after which the user can send the photos, videos and the

messages to the saved contacts in his device.

Safety Measures: If some unknown person sends messages to one’s device it is possible

to block them and it can be surely confirmed that no more messages will come to the user’s device again in

the future. It is reported that most of the users in the age group of 16 to 30 years use this application as the

medium of Sexting. They used to send adult pictures to their friends. But these pictures sometimes cannot be

deleted from the server and can be circulated on the internet beyond the knowledge of the sender.

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