Jemima Cleavage wrote The Latest Addiction of Snapchat

Snapchat is an application that enables the users to send their photos, videos to a selected group

of recipients only. Snapchat helps to capture the raw form of human emotions. The best thing

about Snapchat is that the user can set a time limit within which the recipient has to see the

photos or videos after which the photos become hidden from the recipient’s device and then later

gets deleted from the Snapchat server. The photos which new send are known as snaps hence the

name Snapchat. The birth of Snapchat itself is an interesting fact as it was developed as a final

year project by two Stanford University students namely Evan Speigel and Bobby Murphy.

Image Reterival And Storage Claims Of Snapchat:

The claim of Snapchat that the photos send by its users get destroyed within seconds after

viewing came under a scanner with Forbes magazine’s publishing an article squashing the claims

made by the Snapchat Company. On May, 09, 2013 Forbes claimed that the photos of the users

do not actually disappear or get deleted but can be retrieved with a minimal technical knowledge.

As a result of which the Electronic Privacy Information Center subsequently filed a complaint

with the Federal Trade Commission arguing that the Snapchat owners deceived their customers

by making the believe that pictures get deleted within seconds after viewing. In reply to these

serious allegations the Snapchat owners stated that the company server contain a log of b200 last

snaps that were send or received. The documentation further states that the if the files are not

viewed by the recipient these photos stay on the server for 30days but also claimed that after the

expiry of this period they automatically get deleted and in no way can be retrieved from the

company’s server as they themselves do not keep a track of this. On May, 07, 2014 the Snapchat

settled the claim with the federal agency that it deceives its customers over the facts regarding

their personal information. The company paid a security breach that impacted 4.6 million users.

It will face a privacy monitoring for a period of 20 long years.

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