Jaydn Joseph snapchat for ipad-Thousands of Snapchat Photos Leaked By Hackers

An online popular forum called 4chan has said that the hackers had made up off with 200,000

photos and videos of the Snapchat users, most of which are supposedly nude. This photo

leakage is soon to be uploaded. Hackers were reportedly able to collect the photos and videos

sent and shared by the Snapchat users through the third party mobile applications which

allow the saving of Snapchat transmissions.

The Snapchat messaging services offers a unique feature which leads to self-destruction of

the photos and videos within a few seconds after viewing. Therefore some users resort to

using third-party apps and webs clients for saving those precious photos before they


Snapchat Comes Out Clean and Blames Third-Party Apps

Snapchat has offered publicized declaration on its Twitter feed wherein it confirms that it

messaging service has been compromised. Snapchat has blamed the users for using the third-

party apps for saving the photos sent and received on the Snapchat messaging platform.

Snapchat users are the victims of using the third party apps- a practice which is expressly

prohibited in the ‘Terms Of Use’.

Another Tweet made it apparent that the Snapchat tech architecture was not hacked by the

hackers. In other words their servers were never breached and Snapchat could not be held

responsible for the photo leakage.Jaydn Joseph snapchat for ipadJaydn Joseph snapchat for ipad jaydyn.hernandez

Leaked Photos Soon To Debut On Searchable Database

The 4chan users are reported to have downloaded an astonishing 13 GB worth of Snapchat

photos and videos. Currently they are working on creating feasible database which would

allow the Snapchat users to search and download their stolen images.

The source of the photo leakage has been confirmed as a web client named SnapSaved.com

which offered the same photo saving solution to the Snapchat users in the past. But its

website was hacked by the hackers few days back they swept off 13 GB of photos and videos.

Currently this website has gone out of service after the report of leakage.

Child Pornography Could Stumble Out Of The Leakage

Snapchat is widely popular the younger generation of the users. Even more than 50 percent

of the Snapchat users are from the age group 13-17 years which means that most of the

photos going to be minors and it could also amount to child pornography if viewed.

Earlier Instances Security Breach in Snapchat

Though Snapchat is fairly a new start-up but does have its own share of security and privacy

related issues in the past. In the May 2013 Federal Trade Commission had charged the

Snapchat of deceiving the users about the amount of data it collects and how it protects it. Its

Find Friend feature caused a major upheaval among the users when it exposed the user’s

names and phone numbers of more than 4.6 million users. Both the cases were settled by the

Snapchat in the out of court settlement and Snapchat has been put under independent

privacy monitoring for 20 years as a part of the settlement. Now the company is coming out

of controversies with enhancements in the app and fresh business decisions.

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