Jakej579 add-Retailers are More Helpful by the Advertising Service of Snapchat

The popular photo sharing app Snapchat has now taken an effective role in promoting business

and products. For advertisement this app is serving a huge platform. And the advertisement in

this app will be successful as it has millions of users. The app is among the most popular apps in

the world, and day by day the popularity is getting increased. The authority is utilizing this

increasing popularity, and has started a new service for promoting business. The small

businesses and brands are getting huge benefits from this service. They can easily promote their

business and products in the huge platform of Snapchat to reach millions of peoples. And thus

they can promote their business in an easy way, but very quickly.

How it can help retailers?

The new advertising service is very helpful for the small business. Through this service one cam

promote his/ her products to a huge number of people. Generally the retailers gat affected by the

show rooms as people like to go more to showrooms. But now the retailers can promote their

small business in the huge platform of Snapchat, and thus those small businesses can compete

with the big showrooms. The popularity of this app is in top level, millions of people are engage

now in this social networking app, and for that the advertisings get succeeded to reach to the

millions of people.Add me

Snapchat and its popularity

From the very first day of its origin the app is maintain a very good level of popularity. It has

almost defeated all of its competitors. It is the hot topic of discussion in various Medias. Almost

everyday you can find headlines in various news papers on this social networking site. This year

the total number of Snapchat users is 27 millions; this figure was 14 million in the previous year.

More than 500 million snaps get shared by the users, in a day. This amount can show the

popularity of this app. The main users of this app are the teenage boys and girls. Though there

are users of all ages. Some reports say that the United States teenagers, between 13 to 17 years,

are the half of the total Snapchat users. Those users are engage sharing pictures and videos.

Some also share nude image, and picture of themselves with their Snapchat friends. Some

explicit Snapchat videos also get shared. But those often cause the Snapchat leak. The hackers

use those explicit private snaps to post in various websites for money or for other purposes. The

users get shocked when they see their nude pictures in the internet, and thus the privacy of those

users gets disclosed in front of the whole world.

Snapchat is engage in updating its features and services to provide more facilities and usefulness

to the users. And for that they have added Snapchat Discover, text chat, video call etc. with their

app. The advertising service of this social; networking app is a huge facility to the business

owners. And this service has got a huge response from its users.

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