its stuck help haha-Why Is Snapchat Courted By Many Investors?

Snapchat attained popularity as the photo sharing app among the teenagers in just a couple of

years since its inception. The popularity of the app among the teenagers is probably due to the

unique nature of sharing in the app. The photos and the videos shared through the app are self-
destructive in nature. The photos or videos shared vanish within 10 seconds after the recipient

receives it. The controversy of Snapchat regarding the breach of security and leaked usernames

and Snapchat pics could not reduce the popularity of the app. Facebook tried to take over

Snapchat with more than $3 billion to reach the teenagers but in vain as Snapchat declined the

offer of Facebook.

Why Facebook approached Snapchat?

Although the market capitalization of Facebook is more than $100, yet it approached Snapchat

for its growing popularity among the tens. Facebook’s concern for the increasing popularity of

Snapchat is probably because of the waning interests of the teenagers in the social networking

sites. Reducing engagement of teenagers in Facebook has raised the alarm and they endeavored

to take over Snapchat for a huge sum of money in order to gain popularity among teenagers.

However, if Facebook wants to reach the teens they will certainly need to do it through an app

which is popular among the teenagers. Facebook has also taken over Instagram for a sum of $1

billion in the last year. This decision of Facebook was seen as a defensive move by many critics

just to capture the young audiences obsessed with the photo-sharing app.Its Stuck Help HahaIts Stuck Help Haha

Why is Snapchat approached by many investors?

Snapchat is courted by many investors worldwide because it is being widely used by teenagers

and many other professionals. The popularity of Snapchat keeps on growing even after the

various buzz and controversy. The unique feature of the app makes it appealing for the teenagers

who find the feature of disappearing pics engaging and appealing. Although Snapchat it just a

couple of years old yet investors throughout the world can analyze its turnover in the future and

the numerous benefits they can have from the app. So, Snapchat is being approached by many

investors for its promising future with the increasing popularity.

Effect of the controversies on the popularity of Snapchat

Snapchat is making its way into the headlines for the controversies relating to leaking of

Snapchat pictures, usernames and contact details along with the breach of security. Snapchat

is being criticized worldwide because of the various controversies but still the controversies

does not seem to decline the popularity of the photo sharing app among the teenagers rather the

regular buzz about the social networking app has increased the users of Snapchat. Teenagers

still cannot get over the unique feature of the app and continue using the instant photo sharing

app than other social networking sites. They enjoy the privacy they are being given while using

this app.

To sum up

Teenagers seem to overlook all the controversies regarding Snapchat and prefer to use it more

than other apps. Probably that is the reason investors throughout the world are approaching

Snapchat to reach the teenagers.

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