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Snapchat Gets Valued At $10 Billion

The market is always filled with new speculations which are termed as ‘market bubbles’

because they have stark deviations from the logical stock values. The recent valuations of the

technology start-ups highlight a unique trend among the capitalists who raises the valuation

of the companies which are yet to generate any revenue with their investment decisions.

Earlier this year the acquisition of the WhatsApp by Facebook for $19 billion was amazingly

higher than the American Airline and Harley Davidson. Similarly the popular social media

messaging app was valued at $10 billion after a robust investment by Kleiner Perkins.

Large Investment Boosts Valuations

In the latest round of generating investments, one of the renowned venture capital firm named

Kleiner Perkins Claufield and Byers agreed to give a boost of 20 million in Snapchat. This

resulted in valuing the company at $10 billion. Snapchat is a photo-video messaging app

which enables the users to share their pictures and videos with other users for designated time

period which ranges from 1 to 10 seconds. Despite the concerns that this app might promote

sexting which involves the texting with sexual images, investors are actively pumping in the

money. Furthermore the media content shared on its platform doesn’t genuinely disappear

from the user’s device rather it remains hidden from them.

Valuation Takes Snapchat To Big League

This valuation promotes the Snapchat among one of the most valuable private tech start-ups.

Its co-founders Evan Spiegel and Booby Murphy are Stanford University mates and they are

set to join the Silicon Valley’s elite group of young billionaires. Interestingly Snapchat has

not generated any revenue since its inception though the founders are actively thinking on

introducing an advertising campaign on its platform.

The Snapchat spokes person had humbly declared that the valuation of their business and

their capital requirement are least exciting aspects of supporting the Snapchat community.

Snapchat Growing Popularity Set To Increase Further

Snapchat is a mobile application provides self-destructing photos and videos messaging

service which is designed to save the users from worrying about their digital content which

remains on the web for a long time. It is highly popular among the teenagers which are a key

demographic for the advertisers. Snapchat allows the users to send and receive photos and

videos which ultimately gets deleted after a short time span.

Snapchat had made a bold attempt when it rejected the $3 billion cash offer from Facebook

in buyout in 2013. At that time Snapchat was valued at $2 billion.

Future Prospects For Snapchat

Currently Snapchat has 100 million active monthly users as well as it remains in the top 20

apps on the pouplar App stores. It has also become the third most popular mobile app among

the smartphone users, only after the social media giant Facebook and Instagram according

to the ComScore. Snapchat is also strengthening its app platform to answer the privacy and

security concerns raised by the authorities and users alike. It will be unveiling an advertising

feature titles ‘Snapchat Discovery’ which would provide valuable content for its users on its

app in a convenient way.

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