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It is a primarily a video messaging application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. With the coming of this easy and fun sharing app the photo sharing experience have become so much lucid and funny. It also allows you to share short videos and money transferring through “snapcash” option in it. This ephemeral kind messaging and photo sharing application is becoming a rage between the teens and the young adults. It is free to download. This app is meant to share not only photos but videos, text and drawings as well. Users can send those things only to a controlled list of recipients. The sent photos, videos and other drawings are known as snaps.

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Mobile app and specially Snapchat is becoming the next big thing in social media.

Mobile is becoming a revolutionary device now a day. You can’t argue with this fact. With the smart phone you can easily handle your day to day life job. Apps are like little in size applications which are made to be built for making and handling the phone more easily and conveniently. Apps stand for mobile applications. Social media is hugely turning its character day by day. From the passing time the characteristics of social media scenario changes. From various websites to micro blogging sites to only photo sharing applications the changes are very much visible. Now a day mobile applications or apps are the hot topic of the social media. And without any argument and from the user’s point of view Snapchat has becoming the most user-friendly mobile application of recent time. There are variations of mobile apps, like some apps are meant to be built for only android phones or some have the credibility to operate in the iOs or in the windows phones. But Snapchat has the ability to run smoothly in Android phones as well as in iOs.

Which makes Snapchat the most popular app from others?

There are very much availability of other apps too in the market. But the question is why people are choosing Snapchat over any other smart phone application? And the answer easily lies in the easy and fun sharing method and ephemeral type of nature of this particular app. And most importantly while sharing the photos or videos which are mostly known as “snaps” user can set the time limit. After the pre settled time the snapchat pictures will be hidden and automatically erase from the server of the recipients and also from the snapchat’s server. So there is no burden of having any kind of headache while sharing your personal moments with your close ones and companions. During the period of viewing the photos, the recipient must retain a contact with the device. And if by any chance the recipient manages to take a screen shot by using the device, the sender will be notified soon. So the chances of malevolency in this particular app are very low. The main catch line of this ephemeral kind app lies in the easy and fun sharing of photos and it is really do the same.

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