Governmental spying Snapchat a la Facebook- is it going to happen?-is this real zoom in and out

A social media network or a messaging app is like fulfilling our desire to document each and

every incidents of our life and presenting it to others with lots of sugar-coating, and also how to

make friends. There is Facebook for you to notify your each happening- whether it’s attending

a wedding or going to a funeral, and there are Twitter and Instagram to know about what your

favorite is eating at dinner or wearing during a beach holiday and re-tweeting them and striking

up conversation in 140 characters. And also there is Snapchat- the unique iOS messaging

app to share your photos, texts and videos with friends. it is funny enough to compel you to

capture and sharing your spontaneous and un-filtered moments, and on the other hand, the

temporality of its nature by deleting the contents within 10 seconds of being sent off, spares us from the embarrassment that we may feel afterwards, and also gives a us a sense of privacy and confidentiality regarding our private lives.
Is This Real Zoom In And OutIs This Real Zoom In And Out

The trouble in paradise and Edward Snowden

After being the integral part of our lives, it seems that social network now have encountered the

bad omen in terms of drawing the attention of government. Though it started off with USA, right

now more or less each govt. around the world is following the same path.

In mid-2013, Edward Snowden a computer professional from USA’s National Security Agency

(NSA) blew the whistle and revealed to the media that US govt. has been spying on various

internet companies and compelling them to leak private and sensitive data of users since 2007

under the pretext of ‘law’.

Already Google, Facebook, YouTube, Skype have bitten the dust under Snowden’s revelation

that they almost betrayed the privacies of their unsuspecting users, and conformed to the

governmental pressure.

Though it beat the living daylights out of those who were concerned, the next question is will

Snapchat fall under the government radar in near future too?

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