The Story of SnapChat with its Ups and Downs-is the girl giving him a kiss

There are various apps and factors that have revolutionized the technology world. There was a

time when facebook became extremely popular, and smart phones began modifying themselves

so that they can comply with facebook app in a better way, or so that their users can use

Facebook more conveniently on their smart phone. This is done primarily to target customers in

this stiff and tough competitive market of smart phones. But there is no doubt that few apps do

come as a game changer, like SnapChat. Since this app was launched, no one ever thought that

there will be a day when this app will become one of the hot shots of the application world. This

app has created a history and a story of its own.
Is The Girl Giving Him A KissIs The Girl Giving Him A Kiss

Controversies and SnapChat Leaked:

With success comes controversies, and this was proved yet again with Snapchat. With its

growing success, rumors began spreading about the data protection and privacy of users on this

app. Many claimed that this app claims that the pictures are deleted after the set time, but are

stored in the main server of the app and are leaked without user’s consent. People often took

example of Snapchat Leaked to prove this point. However, the app company clarified it clearly,

and continues doing so that all the pictures that are deleted from the app, are deleted forever.

There is no data sharing with any third party without any consent of the user. As far as Snapchat

Leaked is concerned, it is basically a website in which people posted pictures by themselves

which they found funny, and which they shared with someone on this app. The pictures that are

present there are all posted by users themselves, and not by snapchat.

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