is that iphone able to take clear pic-Snapchat a new way of engaging people

Snapchat allows its users to share messages containing images and videos that self-destruct

within 10 seconds or less than that. For those brands that want to reach a young audience who

always stay engaged in mobile, Snapchat offer platforms that is alike off-line advertising tools.

The marketers of 16Handles considered Snapchat to be more appropriate in comparison to

Twitter, as they thought that coupons they were distributing among the participants cannot be

copied and circulated as they would be disappeared. When the app was new in the tech field

investors were doubtful about its success and also about the future of those advertisements that

were published through it but now the advertisers are quite confident about the fact that there

marketing will be noticed and appreciated if it can be broadcasted through Snapchat, yes it has

managed to gain such a level of admiration that is really worthy of praise.

And this has become possible due to the planning and strategies of the app developers, their

extensive knowledge about the current market has helped them to bring the app in such

commendable position.

Share advertisements among the targeted group of audience

Through this platform the advertisement can be shared with the targeted audience which is more

effective than the mass advertising. It is like haven for the advertisers who want to drag the

attention of the teenagers for promoting their products.
Is That V For VirginIs That V For Virgin

Facility of private messaging for the private community 

As we all are aware of the fact that there are specific communities in healthcare marketing that

do not want to broadcast themselves in the social media campaigns, they like to grow private

communities and shove engagement to share the news on their initiatives and their thoughts and

message. The latest technology helps such organizations or marketers to send their message

towards a private group. And here it differs from the major social media platform, it is closed

social groups which give space to the advertisers to deal with their target audience and of course

it is one of the cheapest yet branded platform.

It gives you the freedom of decorating the captured images and more over it also allow you to

attach props into the taken images and this one also make it different from other instant

messaging app. No one but this allows the users to add text to the picture within the app. You

don’t need any added tools or apps to decorate the images; the single app is enough for that.

This is a new way of engaging people

Though it is not viable to imagine, but just think life would be so much simpler for the patients if they can connect with their doctors through this platform, then the doctors may send them the

image of medicine with the reminder of ingesting. But seriously it can be a serious platform for

the pharmaceutical marketers as then they could send reminder to the patient or send reminder to

the doctor the composition of a certain medicine or to take a look over the suggested medicine.

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