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If one has to answer the query that what is Snapchat in one line- then it must be like: Snapchat

is the app for ephemeral messages. The beauty of Snapchat pictures lies in their temporality

where once you send a picture to a friend via this app; it will get deleted within few seconds.

When Snapchat launched in the market during 2011, very few were sure about it’s worth.

During that time where Facebook was the boss among social networking sites, nobody believed

the idea of exchanging short-lived picture- messages among friends will last long. But after

three years, It’s the core target group of Snapchat (read: teenagers) that has made it a darling

among advertisers and investors alike. From what is Snapchat it had become in what ways

Snapchat is going to snatch the market of social networking sites. And when in October 2013,

Evan Spiegel – the CEO of Snapchat introduced the newest feature – Snapchat stories in the

market, the answer became clearer to all.

How Snapchat stories have become the perfect pairs for Snapchat Pictures?

For Snapchat-ers each day is the new beginning. Every day brings new happiness and excitement

but as in real life, we don’t forget from where we have come from, so do Snapchat stories. In this

feature of Snapchat, a story and a picture or snap will come together to create a new narrative

each day which one can send to friends by tapping the ‘My story’ option in Snapchat. Each

Snapchat story is the summation of the snaps that one has sent to friends during the last 24 hours,

and most importantly the stories always step forward like it happen in real life where, yesterday’s

last story is today first one. Though lengthier in duration than its snaps, the stories of Snapchat

are also ephemeral by nature as your friends can see your story only for 24 hours and then it will

be deleted.
Is That Toilet Paper ThereIs That Toilet Paper There

How Snapchat has challenged the general norm of social networking sites with Snapchat


With Snapchat stories, it seems like the earlier days of social media has returned.- when Orkut

was very much ‘in’ or the initial days of Facebook, when one had to visit a friend’s profile to

learn about what was happening in his/her life. But later the ‘send to all’ button destroyed this

intimacy. So with Snapchat stories, the app is trying to bringing back that closeness. Also there

is subtle dig through Snapchat stories to its competitors like Twitter, Pineterest and especially

Facebook. It’s the last one which created uproar by introducing the ‘Timeline’ concept in

profiles, which, according to Spiegel, put users into a dilemma about posting new content and

thus creating digital dualism for themselves- where there is a clash between their online and

offline persona. Also being forced to build a transparent online identity by these sites, makes

people to delete the contents after few days they have uploaded them. According to Evan

Spiegel, Snapchat stories have the capability to break this wall and some more.

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