Stay Safe on SnapChat-is that his head

The technological market has seen a big growth. There has been a lot of evolution in the

field of information technology. The market has moved itself to the net and now internet

has become an integral part of the technological growth. This evolution has led to dramatic

growth of the social media in the last few years. The social media which is now easily

accessible and has a global reach has made social networking a very important part of human

Is That His HeadIs That His Head

Hacking Attack

But just few times back an unfortunate accident happen. Even though the application’s

security and privacy policy are of optimum level the privacy was compromised. In the

month of January of 2014 near about 4.5 million SnapChat accounts were hacked. As the

application is a famous photo sharing application a lot of pictures were leaked. These photos

are still intake in the web under the label snapchat leaked photos. Privacy plays a very

important role in determining the social network security. The application’s privacy policy

and security are strong enough. Users should also be aware of all the picture uploads done by


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