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How it all started:

The journey of this app started way back in 2011, when few Stanford students came together to

develop an app with which one could send fun and fast messages on mobiles. The idea was to

invent a technology through which, people could share things through smart phones, and that

too in fast and funny way. That is how the concept came out, which eventually developed as

an app in which people could share pictures, videos and other data through mobile phones. The

social networking and messaging apps were greatly on bloom in this period and thus brought the

development of this idea more towards reality.
Internet Chat Rooms Chat Messager For Snap Chat OnlineInternet Chat Rooms Chat Messager For Snap Chat Online

Design of the app:

The app was designed in such a way that it would open in the phone’s camera straight away.

Thus all you need to do is click the button, and the camera opens up. Click a picture, add

drawing or caption on it, select recipient, select time for which you want the snap to be available

to the recipient, and then click send. That’s it. This app also provides its user with a facility of

one button for snapshot and video. This means that you can click a photo by pressing one button

of the app, and by holding the same button for few more second, you will be able to record

video. So to record video, you don’t need to press any other button and neither do you need to

change setting in the app. In short, the design of this app is such that anyone can use the app

easily and with comfort.

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