Instagram: Jonna_jes he is sooo hot-Snapchat’s Past, Present and Future

From the starting days till now Snapchat has seen a lot of changes. It started its journey from the

small living room of present CEO Evan Spiegel’s father, and it presently the company is

estimated to be valued roughly $7-10 million. At first the app started with a name of “Picaboo”

to serve the socializing needs of Spiegel’s University friends.

A year later seeing the popularity the app came into android’s application podium of playstore.

And then till now many versions of the app is released with even tone of success. Presently it

available across all the popular smartphone platforms like, Ios, Blackberry, Android and etc.

The path of success

 Snapchat has tasted success within a very short span of time with sheer hard work and

utmost dedication. The app has already been one of the most popular in ios and android

application charts.

 The app which started with an experimental modem could send only 25 pictures per

second, and is now able to send more 20 millions photos per day.

 In 2011 this app was a no revenue earner app, but soon in 2015 this app has been valued

as high $10 million app. Apart from that many media giants are still looking to make

investments in the wings and specific sections of the app.

 Snap chat is one of the apps that has constantly upgraded is primary and secondary

application both without even buying a single app in the similar arena.

 The only constant feature that has been with the app for long is the vanishing nature of

send messages within a stipulated a time of maximum 10 seconds.

 At first this app was used only to transfer pictures, later it got into the transfer of videos,

text and voice messages as well.

 Now Snapchat is also showing advertisement, news and movie trailers in the discovery

section of the app.
Instagram: Jonna_jes he is sooo hot

Monetary stability

With huge a target audience and fan base it is very clear that the app will attract investors. And

that has happened very rightly for this social media app as well. Right from Yahoo to Facebook,

and also big media giants all have shown interest in this vanishing app. And so the company

which was a zero revenue earning company in 2012 is now roughly a $10 million company. This

monetary stability has enhanced the value of the company and the made the future plans of the

app clear in front of the mass.

To sum up

Snapchat has made up huge ground from its starting days till now. With all the news points that

it has got, it is trying its level best to provide the best in class facilities for its users. From then

till now the app has been through a lot of changes most of them has been good and some are bad

as well.

Yet slowly and steadily the app is making inroads to improve on the so called weaker parts and

strengthen the stronger parts with cushions.

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