Improved security features of Snapchat to stop the leaks and hacks

In today’s world, the photo sharing apps have taken over the market of social networking and the apps like Snapchat and Instagram have gained quick popularity among the users. Well, the founder and Chief Executive of the app Snapchat didn’t imagine such popularity when he designed the app for one of his projects in University. Now, the app is having some 100 million of daily users who share photos and videos with their friends through the app and are extremely happy to choose this app. But, unfortunately, the app is more used for sending dirty Snapchat photos nowadays. The app is nowadays more famous as a tool for dirty chats and for sending the photos of private parts. It is made easier by the feature of the pictures and videos being deleted after some 24 hours of them being shared.

Improved security features of Snapchat to stop the leaks and hacksHmm

Improved safety measures of Snapchat to stop hacking

Well, keeping in mind the leaked dirty pics in the past from the users accounts, the developers of the app has decided to improve the security of the users accounts and introduce a new authentication system in which the users will be sent a security authentication password through which they will have to enter every time they choose to log in to their account from a new mobile device. The authentication password text will be sent to the mobile number that is registered and the SMS code will have to be entered. Then only the login procedure will be completed. Now, as a result, if any hacker or a bad guy has been able to know your password, he/ she will not be able to login to your account until and unless he enters the correct SMS code. According to the security experts, that will definitely improve the security of the accounts, but the problem is that most of the users will not mind turning on the security feature on their account. So, their acco0unt will remain vulnerable to these sorts of risks.

For activating the security service, you have to go to the settings option on the app and then you can turn on the service. Now, according to many experts, the new authentication feature will not be used by most of the users as the ones sending dirty Snapchat photos of their private parts are not so much conscious of the privacy and will most probably not mind turning on the feature. According to most of the experts, it is a move by the developers of the app to increase the security and also to shrug off the responsibility of protecting the privacy of the people sending dirty Snapchat photos. Apart from that, it was mentioned from the company that it is a very important measure to stop the hacking of the accounts and all the users should turn on the security authentication feature. This is probably the best measure to stop the number of the leaked dirty pics and also to stop the hacking of the accounts. But only time will tell that how many of the 100 million daily users of Snapchat use the authentication feature and are benefitted from it.

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