Jon Jones, Snapchat and the infamy of sexting in social networking sites-im sure you are meant to take those off to bathe

When Snapchat was born in 2011 from the dorm of Stanford University, the main idea was-
creating a photo-messaging app that could enable the users to take funny images through the

mobile phone cameras or by the app and sending them via Snapchat picture app to their

friends, and once the images are being viewed or after 10 seconds they are sent, they will

disappear automatically. Though initially many doubted the ephemeral nature of the products

of Snapchat and how logical it is to build a social media start-up on such a ‘flimsy ground;

eventually, the heady success of Snapchat shut their mouths.

But as every good thing deteriorate over the time; the inspiration behind the birth of Snapchat

picture app also got clouded over by the introduction of sexting. Not only it increases the risk

of child pornography as nearly 200,000 nude teenager photos were leaked recently through

Snapchat’s third-party application, but also celebrities, with dubious sense of responsibilities,

exploit the temporality and instantaneous type of Snapchat, by posting ‘racy’ pictures or videos

of theirs via this android app. The recent nail on the coffin is Jon Jones- the smashing UFC

champion, whose lewd video in Snapchat got released by Bordering on Hubris- a blog in October

2014 and since then, it created quite a storm in the world of social networking sites.
Im Sure You Are Meant To Take Those Off To BatheIm Sure You Are Meant To Take Those Off To Bathe

The recklessness of users also poses a threat to social media privacy

Whether the morality of the society is on a steady decline or the social media platforms or apps

are lacking in the vigilance about what’s are being posted as contents and the loop-holes of

their security systems- it’s quite debatable that among these two causes, which one is driving

hacking of private profiles in such massive scales and so often, and causing such grave dangers

as bringing out your most intimate moments to netizens to be discussed, dissected and shared

lewdly. But if ‘The Snappening’- the Snapchat nude photo leak, revealed the dwindling rate of

shame and responsibility among teenagers; the youth icons of the society like Jon Jones are to be

blamed for equally.

Before Snappening, Fappening took place where 4Chan users- a web forum for hackers, released

nude, racy images of celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton etc.,by violating the security

code of iCloud. Though one can accuse the voyeuristic nature of netizens for the hoopla around

these nude images, the rationality and accountability of the celebs are not beyond criticism, as

it’s hard to believe that any practical person in this age of cyber threat would be willing to save

their risqué pictures in mobile phones or computers. Of course there is freedom of expression

which also includes the right to do what you feel like doing in social media platforms, but when

a celeb like Jon Jones- the star of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and role-models for

many youngsters, flaunts his private part lewdly via Snapchat video chat without thinking it’s

consequences, the food for thought would be- to what extent one can blame the securities of the

messaging apps to instigate nudity and pornography?

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