im such a poser-How You Can Keep Your Personal Information and the Data Shared Through Snapchat?

Snapchat has brought about a platform where users can send snaps that vanish like magic within

only ten seconds. This fun app is a hit among the teens that make the most of it to have fun with

friends. Most of the teenagers use this app as the platform for sexting with their friends as they

find this platform to be reliable where their images and videos will be vanished in seconds.

Although the app does not allow the recipients to save the Snapchat pictures, yet the recipients

can take a screenshot of the pic. This social networking app offers full freedom to the users what

kind of content and with whom they want to share the pictures.

Snapchat provides freedom to share

The company does not take the responsibility of Snapchat leaked pictures that are leaked

through the screenshots taken by the recipients before the pictures could self-destruct. It’s the

discretion of the users that whether they want to use the platform to share their nude selfies.

Users can stay safe by sharing their Snapchat pics only with the trusted recipients who will not

violate their privacy in public. Friends often take screenshots of the pictures shared to have fun.

It seems to be fun until and unless the private pictures are uploaded online.Im Such A PoserIm Such A Poser

The latest buzz about the breach of the servers of Snapchat

The security concern of the Snapchat users is however not the screenshot taken by their friends

but it is the latest breach of security of the app which enabled the hackers to get hold of the

nude pictures and the personal information of the Snapchat users. The hacked pictures and user

information has created quite a buzz lately highlighting the failure of the company to maintain

security of the user’s personal information. The company however refused the allegation about

the breach of the security and acknowledged that their servers containing the sensitive data about

the personal information of the users were not breached.

The ways suggested by the company to snap safely

Snapchat cautions the users so that their personal information and the data shared could not be

leaked and uploaded online by the hackers. The social networking app witnessed hacking of

the user’s personal information and data lately. The company officials claimed that it was not

use to the breach of security in their servers and cautioned the users of using the third-party

apps. Snapchat cautioned the users not to share any content through third party apps of Snapchat

as that is likely to be source of the hacking of the private pictures and personal information.

The third-party apps require the users to login to their accounts using their login credentials

which make their personal information vulnerable as these apps could access the application

programming interface of Snapchat.

To summarize

The social networking app has advised the users how to stay safe while snapping through this

user-friendly interface. They have dismissed the claims about the breach of security of their

servers and cautioned the users not to provide access to their personal data through third-party

apps. So, if you are a loyal Snapchat user, you should stay away from the third party apps which

could not be trusted.

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