im soooo happy what is facebook snapchat-Falcons opened their official snapchat account suggests the popularity of the app

It is known widely that Snapchat is a photo sharing application that is nowadays quite popular

among users across the world. This app has certain features that make it the most preferred

application for chatting, storing as well as sharing photos. The app manufacturer in its latest

versions incorporated certain features that promise the users adequate security and privacy of the

contents they upload in the application. This is on account of serious design issues that appeared

with the previous versions of the app.

Issues faced

In this context, it needs to be said that the company with its previous versions have faced many

design issues. Owing to certain flaws in the application design, it became an easy target for

hackers to get access to millions of Snapchat accounts, steal nude, private pictures and make

them available online on the web. This prompted the company to quickly revise their privacy and

security policies. Also, they inform the users to go carefully through the privacy policy and act


It is because of the recent debacle with the Snapchat that the authorities of the Federal Trade

Commission or FTC decided to monitor the activities of the company by an independent agency

for the next 20 years. This is an important step on the part of the government to ensure that the

interests of the users are safeguarded and they are not cheated or deceived further.Im Soooo HappyIm Soooo Happy, what is facebook snapchat

Expanding business

The company Snapchat despite acknowledging the lapses in security with its earlier versions of

the application are quick to claim that they are an emerging business and they are merely

learning from their experiences. They also claimed that their newer apps are quite flawless is

designs and they have revised the privacy policy pertaining to the app. They displayed user and

customer reviews pertaining to the app and it is observed that in most instances, users very much

appreciate the endeavors of the app developers, designers. They also make suggestions to the

company to improve the software. The company authorities, however claim to incorporate the

features in the application to make it more useful to the users or customers.

App getting more popular

The newest versions of the app are so popular that many organizations are using the app on their

official websites. For instance the Falcons are the NFL teams who have launched an official

Snapchat account on various social media platforms. Using the search option provided in the

website the fans can search the handle falcons on the app in order to locate the account. This has

greatly facilitated fans to receive player updates. The app allows the Falcons to record videos,

take photos, as well as upload story so that the same is made available to the fans who follow the

account. But in this respect it is important to mention that the contents of the account remain

after viewing for a period of 24 hours.

It is a fact that the company Snapchat is not that old and therefore is always improvising on its

products and services. It aims to deliver quality products to its clients at affordable rates and this

attribute of the brand is making it popular globally.

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