New sharing tools is added to Discover – I’m so wet

The update that introduced Discover also jerked some other features of the app, such as the

contacts menu, the Left side swipe away from built-in app camera, has been reattributed as

“stories” as well as only shows connections who have shared stories a short time ago. However

you can access the full contact list by tapping the home screen’s Ghost icon or by swiping down.

It conscripts a fresh feature that exhibits those contacts that have added the user as friend and

have capability to include in the friend list. In the middle of the screen there is a square icon that

looks similar to the common Snapchat ghost, but this icon has a specialty. It works like QR code

and each user has his distinctive ghost. If you like to add any user in your friend list just point

your camera towards his logo and you can include them to your friend list easily. Now let’s come

back to Discover.
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Discover brings new scopes of accumulating more revenue

Discover is one of the ambitious projects of Snapchat that gives scopes for collecting more

revenue. This feature permits the users to view the news in the same format like “Stories”. After

a day the published news automatically disappears and fresh contents replace them. To satisfy

the extensive repertories of interest Snapchat has come into collaboration with Vice, CNN,

Comedy Central, Yahoo News, Daily Mail, National Geographic, ESPN, Daily Mail,

Cosmopolitan and Food Network. Snapchat has not revealed the amount yet that the media

outlets are disbursing to be featured in the Discover segment, but it is reported by AdAge that the

company charged $75,000 for one-day advertisement. Hence it is crystal clear, that advertising in

this app is not a cheap option, but recently it is reported that the company have introduced one

cent for per view system to attract the investors and advertisers and to compete with its foremost


Discover is included with new sharing tools

With each updates the makers are busy to implement something new to the app and this

characteristic has made the app even more popular. However their Discover section is reportedly

facing trouble, as the traffic rate is dropping at an alarming level. It is assumed that to save the

feature from this haphazard they have introduced new sharing tools that allow the users to

directly share the videos and articles to their friends from the portal. Whenever the users wish to

share something from they can share it quite easily. They just need to press the screen and the

new tools will pop out. This also allows you to add a caption after that you can share it out to the

friends just like sharing any other app. Apart from that, this new edition allows you to record

zoomed in videos, while recording the videos you just need to drag the screen with your fingers.

Refresh the app from Google Play store or iTunes, depending upon your device and you can

enjoy this latest feature.

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