im-pretty-oh-so-pretty-Snapchat And The Reason Behind The Leaked Photos

Snapchat is the most popular photo messaging app in this planet. Its popularity is increasing

day by day and this year its users have reached to 27 million. You can share pictures, messages,

and videos with your friends, through this photo sharing app. You have to select your desired

seconds for your snap with the app. You can choose from 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver will be

able to view the snap only for these selected seconds. After that selected period the snap will be

disappeared automatically from the device.

The young getting exposed to pornography

There are many users who share their private pictures, love pictures, nude video through this

app. They share the adult pictures with their friends, but they get shocked when they see those

private snaps on different websites. 50% of the total Snap chat users are teenagers. Some reports

say that the students of United States are using this app, the most. The age of these users is

between 13 to 17.



The third party apps

There are many apps like SnapKeep, SnapSpy, SnapBox that allow the users to take screenshots.

Through this anyone can store any picture he/ she want to from the Snapchat app. A report says

that the server of Snapchat has been hacked and for that the hackers are getting those explicit

pictures. But the authority of Snap chat claims their servers are not hacked as there is high

security. There are some third party apps, who are allowing the users to take the screenshots, and

thus some people are getting explicit pictures from the app.

Photos getting leaked

The authority accuses Snapsave and Snapsaved. com for this third party involvement. But the

two companies denies the accusation and they say that they even do not use the username and

password of Snapchat users. A report says that the server of Snap chat was hacked, and this

was hacked only for the weak privacy policy of the company. Snapchat could not provide its

server a high security and for that the privacy of the users are now disclosed. There are many

users, who take screen shots of the adult objects and spread it on many websites, for money or

other purposes. Thus, those social networking pictures are now in hand of some hackers, who

use it for some ill purpose. The owner of those nude pictures gets themselves on the web without

their knowledge and their lives becomes problematic.

The authority speaks

Snapchat authority is now conscious about their privacy policy. They say that they are

scrutinizing their policies, and trying to provide a fully secured app to the users. They are now

going to settle with Federal Trade Commission, and by that settlement they can get a higher

guidance regarding their security. The users can get some more security.

The users have to be more responsible in using this social app. Before sharing a picture in the

Snapchat app you have to think about its future. You have to be careful even for choosing a

friend in Snap chat.

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