im gonna eat ya-Silence becomes the consent for the finalized dealing of $19 billion

According to a recently arrived news, snapchat will soon make a deal of $19 billion. The whole

fact is still in the guessing mode. But there are chances that the news is quite true as many people

have seen Spiegel to hover around the city of Los Angeles these days with many famous

personalities from the business world. They are saying that the CEO of the company is quite

serious about the dealing of such a high price. The amount of the deal is quite astounding figure

to all. The amount of money is no small an amount and it is not a matter of joke at all.

Why the app is on the top:

There are some awesome features that shot the app snapchat to the height of success. The app

has featured all the necessary features that are required for an application to be called the number one app of the time. First of all, the app features some wonderful and innovative and unique features like you can snap pictures of yourself and share them with others. But the most

interesting and amusing side is that the app will not allow the users to keep the photos stored on

their devices. They will soon disappear and become unavailable for the recipients to see. Those

photos will also not be stored on the server of the website or the app. The same thing will happen

to the videos shot with the help of the app. They will not be saved on the device or not on the

server of the application. It is really an unbelievably unique and amazing feature.

Im Gonna Eat YaIm Gonna Eat Ya

Music is the latest feature:

Their latest inclusion of the features is its music. Music is something that we want and love. And

this music is going to feature on the app. Audiences are waiting for the new feature to make its

arrival soon. It is believed by some critics that this is one of the reasons why this app is so

popular and why this has drawn an opportunity of a deal of such an amount. The amount is

nothing if it is compared with its daily usage and its growing number of users. The app has a

long chain of users and it sees rising numbers of users and the number of sharing of images


The other reasons for the success of the app:

Though the owner of the company is completely silence on the matter, the assumption goes for

the positive vibe. As they say silence is consent. Even some of the audiences have started

believing the notion as well. They are excited thinking that their favorite app is going to make a

deal which is worth $19 billion. All are hoping and looking forward that this app will be

improved with some more innovative features that will make the app even more lucrative for the

generation to come in the future. The discover feature that has been put a few times back, has

managed to draw the attention of many big media companies and this has served the purpose of

the company for the deal of such a great amount a lot.

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