Messaging apps replacing popular social networks-im crying too

Seems like a decade ago that you were jumping with joy at the prospect of having opened an

account in the so-called “social network” starting with of course the very legendary Facebook.

Gradually it went on to become a place where you can make new friends, catch up with old

ones, express your views and even gather or become followers! This new concept caught on like

a forest fire with everyone asking for your profile details instead of your contact info the first

time you meet them and you religiously devoting hours at a stretch “commenting”, “liking” and

“poking” within a virtual “wall”. But as the saying goes, all good things must, at some point of

time, come to an end and be replaced by something better; in this the better being the very hip

and happening messaging apps like SnapChat. Looking back, it seems that messaging apps

overshadowing social networks should be anything but shocking. Every perfect idea has cracks

showing underneath after a while and the same holds true for social networks.
Im Crying TooIm Crying Too

The privacy factor

While adding hundreds and thousands of friends on Facebook seemed like a very self-reassuring

thing to do at the time, people gradually began to realize silliness of the concept. What is the

use of having 500 complete strangers whom you never end up talking to, in your “friend list”?

Moreover, the fact that your wall/timeline is a big part of your profile and it seems almost

unethical to let any stranger post whatever he/she deems fit. You even have very little control on

the “comments” that appear on your status, which seems eerie. Messaging apps like SnapChat

and WhatsApp on the other hand, connect you only to people you know well enough to have

exchange phone numbers. This makes sure that all the conversations you enjoy are completely

between you and the respective people on the other side. If you wish to involve more than one

person in a single chat, you also have the option of creating chat groups which can be accessed

solely by the people invited in that group, which again filters out unwanted acquaintances.

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