if only some girls did this all the time-Rumor has it that snapchat will feature music very soon

Rumor has it that snapchat is moving into music business. And now it is just the assumption

brewed up by the users and the reporters. The truth of the rumor has not been confirmed though.

No one would definitely sneer at the great idea of bringing music to the world of images and

videos. Rather everyone just loves and praises the concept of this music feature. At the present

nothing is agreed upon. It is just the idea still now. Whether or not the idea will be materialized

depends upon the owner of the company. His green signal will propel the matter soon.

Round of rumor:

The real fact for the new upcoming feature that is making its round as a form of rumor just is that

it will be a great fun for all. Young people especially the teenagers and the young adults already

seem very excited because of the music stuff. The app has been an image sharing app till now.

But it is going to launch music on the platform of it. But as it is said before the confirmation of

the truth is yet to come. No one can deny that the app is a huge success because it gives its users

a wide range of advantages. From images to video, so many things can be launched and seen

here. Music has been minus from the app, but the lack of entertainment is going to be filled with

fun. According to the spokesperson of Madonna, she is going to launch her new album first on

snapchat app. And many more stars to music companies are intended to release their new album

on the app.If Only Some Girls Did This All The TimeIf Only Some Girls Did This All The Time

Music illustrates the meaning even better:

Here should be a further discussion on it. The captures that you will send to your friends will

now be added with suitable music that illustrates the hidden message in the photo. The photos

and videos become more appealing to the audience and they become more and more attached

with the app. Music brings us closer and it is very heart soothing. Music delivers a depth to our

mind. Music is important. So music is from now an important and integrated part of the app as

well. People are eagerly awaiting the news to turn to be a truth. The problem is the owner of the

company is not still ready to discuss the matter further. All are waiting for an answer in positive.

Snapchat photo can be added with music only when the CEO will approve the concept.

To sum up:

A matter of satisfaction is that now everyone will be able to listen to the music of their wish

along with viewing snapchat picture. It is a dynamic change for the application. This side of the

app has garnered the attention of the young people. They have considered it as a fun. Now they

can share images and videos along with sharing music. It is now an issue of wait and see what

they have in their bag of surprise.

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