Voyeurism or negligence – what prompted Snapchat booty dance video?-if i do my brows no 1 will know

When the news erupted that three EMS medical technicians were reprimanded for their leaked

Snapchat video, many pointed fingers at the technicians-on-duty for their apparent behavior

of negligence. The others got busy finding the loopholes of Snapchat picture app. But very

few seemed to care about – the sneaky behavior of viewers who love to watch, what others are

posting on digital platform. With the increasing rate of hacking that puts into jeopardy both

celebs and commoners alike, it’s more and more crucial for the netizens to understand the fact

that- what you upload into internet, doesn’t quite be obliterated, whatever Snapchat may claim.

How much the EMS crew was responsible for their leaked Snapchat video?

To cut a long story short- this leakage of booty dancing video took place in Sebring, Florida

where three EMS crew named- Rob Bullock, Gracemarie Snellen and Jenna Levine (paramedic)

were engaged in some fun activities during their downtime, one evening in September 2014.

To pass their leisure hour in a more entertaining and effective way, they shot a video clip

performing booty dancing and posted it into Snapchat site. Though their aim was to send this

video clip to only a handful of friends, someone recorded the whole incident and sent it to the

EMS director Harvey Craven. What followed later was nothing short of a disaster. Many among

EMS who saw the video, found it ‘degrading to women’ and ‘offensive’. Others accused that it

went against the rule of EMS where it’s stated clearly that the employees are not permitted to

post anything in social media which goes against the image of EMS.

Now there must be two parties with different thoughts on this issue. While one can find the three

EMS staff violating their code of conduct during duty hours, others may find that this is nothing

but making a mountain out of a molehill. Though the guilt staff should have been more careful

about their behavior on-duty, there is no denying the fact that- it’s the voyeuristic, sadistic nature

of users which made it difficult to execute the freedom expression in digital space.
If I Do My Brows No 1 Will KnowIf I Do My Brows No 1 Will Know

To what extent Snapchat is responsible for the stream of leaked Snapchat photos and


Initially, many were skeptical about the ephemeral nature of Snapchat images and videos, but

the photo-messaging app reassured them later by saying that- in the world of Facebook and

Twitter, where once you upload any ‘embarrassing’ contents in you profile, it becomes next-to-
impossible to take it down from there or obliterate it permanently; Snapchat provides users with

the relative safety in the form of temporality of its images. But with the existence of many third-
party applications of Snapchat, it’s not quite possible to erase the photos and videos completely.

With the recent Snapchat leak – The Snappening, it’s quite obvious that the app took care of its

products, of its services but never quite thought about the security of it, thoroughly. Coupled

with this, the general voyeuristic nature of social media users, it’s quite obvious that many such

instances like ‘booty dancing’ video leakage will happen in future.

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