if being sexy was a crime i will be in jail-Snap chat a revolution in modern age communication

If you are cheesed of using the same age old cell phone app for communicating with your pals

then you have got to look for something new. Snap chat is latest addition to this list which you

can install within a while at the same time you can access it with surprising ease and confidence.

Basically the modern age lifestyle revolves around the 24×7 busy work schedule, that sometimes

prevents you to go for a dine out or a chilling hang out with your friends. This makes your life

even more monotonous that gradually moves you away from the social life and subsequently set

you completely isolated from the humanitarian ground. Well the social media communication or

the mobile phone text messaging all are the modern ways to network with the people whom you

can’t see around all the time but desire to stay in touch for 24×7. And the snap chat is bless in

disguise for such m0odern generation people who find it as one of the best ways to communicate

with the others even when it’s not possible to get your friends just next to you.

What is snap chat?

Snap chat is that modern age photo messaging application that allows its users to communicate

by sending their texts along with some clicked pictures or recorded videos or any drawing etc.

These pieces of images or videos are better known as the snaps which ad extra fun to a mere

communication by making them more interesting to read out. Well, the people, especially the

teens find it widely interesting, since it’s solely dependent upon the senders to set a stipulated

timing for the attached clip or the image to display on the mobile phone screen. When the

duration will come to its edge, the image or the sent video will automatically dissolve from the

mobile screen. So if you are truly concern about your safety and security then snap chat is

probably the best option for you since its will give you fun on the one hand and safety on the

other. Hence, you are welcome to share any secret information or any private video you’re your

pals with a strong security and assurance, since you don’t need to fear about the longevity of the

sent items, because they will never stay for so long.If Being Sexy Was A Crime I Will Be In JailIf Being Sexy Was A Crime I Will Be In Jail

The boons or the curse

This simply depends upon the way is used. A human brain is far stronger than of the brainless

power of a snap chat. Snapchat screenshot is basically that art which is especially meant to

make a chat more funny and lively. Sometime, it’s found that a simple message or an ordinary

text communication loses its importance since it doesn’t have any other interesting device to

attract the recipient’s attention. With the advent of the snap chat communication the mobile

phone communication have become much more interesting.

So, if someone uses the snap chat ion a vulgar manner then the blame can be put simply upon the

shoulder of the user of it. It’s the ill motif that can convert the positivity of snap chats into bouts

of negativity. Since, if you are keen to bring revolution in your style of communication, then this

app is the best option for you indeed.

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