I wish i was what you wanted-Snapchat- The next Big Thing

Welcome to the world of Snapchat. This app is very easy on the eye and works like a charm.

This app is so much more than the average chatting app that we come across. It is designed

and tweaked to fit your needs. It is a mobile app which is free. It is available for iphones, iOs

& android phones. You can use the app by registering, creating a short username and

password. At Snapchat your privacy is give the utmost importance. It is a very safe and

secure environment to communicate.

Sending messages is as simple as sending sms from your mobile and it is free. You can chat

and share with your friends. Snapchat automatically syncs with the contacts in your device

and you are connected, ready to chat and share in a jiffy with your loved ones.


Snapchat is a very unique application. It is simple and fast. This quirky app lets you send

instant messages and share photos and videos with your loved ones. You can easily identify

who is online and get hooked instantly. It allows you a very direct interface with your friends,

just like communications are meant to be, just like you desire it. The design of this app is

very chic. It is catchy in the eye and the tools and options are very smart and easily navigable.


Snapchat gives you a very special feeling while using. It is designed in way where you can

save the vital message from the truckload of information shared. It keeps the platform very

clean. All you need to do is to save it or take a screenshot. There is no need to scroll through

thousands of messages for that vital information you seek. So you save what you want while

the rest is deleted automatically in a stipulated time. It is an intelligent app just like you and it

is easy.


Snapchat is very user friendly. You can customize the app to suit to your needs. For

example, you can set a timer from 1- 10 seconds for a photo or a video to remain visible.

Once the set time expires, the photo or the video self- destructs automatically. Not only can

you take a selfie or a group photo, you can also edit using simple animated features. This

gives a fun angle to what you are sharing and sets you apart from your peers.

You can also expand your horizon and add people beyond your contact list. You can import

from LinkedIn or Facebook. You can connect and share with anyone who uses the same app

anywhere in the world. Sharing and communication is just a tap away with Snapchat at your


Now is forever

Snapchat is a very popular app especially with teens and young adults. It is the go- to app for

you to make a friend or communicate comfortably with your loving friend. You can also chat

with more than one friend at a time.

All in all Snapchat is a wonderful app that should find a place in your device. It will give

you that edge while communicating with refreshing features.

So what are you waiting for. Have you got Snapchat yet?

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