I will rappe you all-How news organizations are utilizing Snapchat?

With its growing popularity Snapchat is becoming one of the major preferred platform of

several news organizations, who are utilizing the popularity of this ephemeral messaging

app to achieve more recognition and to promote their organization to huge crowd. Different

organizations have their different strategies for employing Snapchat for their means. Now

let’s have a fleeting look over the view of the spokesperson of these news organizations.


Erica Palan, social media manager of Philly.com:

According to the statement of Erica, she believes in respecting the active communities of the

social media sites, so Erica restricted herself from using the messaging site until she gained

the notion that the platform is beneficial for their content and appropriate for the existed users

as well. After researching thoroughly they have a designed plan in placing their first venture

of snapping, and they planned to start their voyage by bringing up the Wing Bowl festival

into limelight that gains massive amount of local coverage and this event needs expanded

recognition. Two photographers Stephanie Aaronson and Colin Kerrigan had constantly

captured several photos and videos of this entire event and after that updated an incessant

story of the event on the site. And now they are seeking for more advanced way of utilizing

the platform and in transforming it to a meaningful platform. They are also providing an

opportunity to the reporters to use this social media platform if they want to publish a story of

any event that can be told through short clips of video throughout the day.I Will Rappe You AllI Will Rappe You All

The Verge

Sam Sheffer, social media manager of The Verge:

As said by Sam, still now there are no inscribed guidelines of employing the site from

any editorial viewpoint, they are still now in the experimental stage. Though Sam has

researched and wrote over few of the best utilities of Snapchat but whenever it comes to

use it practically Sam just follows the gut and what applies the form that is appropriate for

that context. Sam believes in including appropriate context with the posted photo to provide

a conception to the people over the photo and why they should give attention to the photo.

Snapchat allows its user to contextualize by including filters such as geolocation, time filters

and the admin of the organization utilize all of its features to its extent level in order to bring

attractiveness to their posts. They also like to communicate with their followers through

lots of snaps that the readers of The Verge post to communicate with the admin of the site.

Among the snaps a huge part is the personalized response on the published snaps of The



Margarita Noriega, director of social storytelling of Fusion:

Snapchat Discover is so far the appropriate extension of social media platform, they produce

articles and original videos everyday 5 times a day just for the active user base of Snapchat

and each time they receive overwhelming responses from the users. They feature the works

of their journalists and from the subjects are pervasive from pop culture to science and sports.

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