Best for marketing brands in this present day competitive market – i weep for humanity

Snapchat is voted as the best phone application to promote marketing of various products as Snapchat has a series of features which is best suited for marketing and promotion of products and services. In the recent news you will find out that the biggest social networking site Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat but this phone application company refused the offer made by Facebook which was a total of three billion dollars. Snapchat is one of the best marketing media in the current day as it ensures guaranteed participation by the viewers seeing or rather going through the advertising and marketing promotion done by various companies through this phone application.
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You can ask this question that how are the organizations companies and so sure that the viewer is going through and reading the whole message send to him as a promotional text? Well that is because that the message goes in the Snapchat application inbox of the viewers very privately without anyone knowing about it and the user who is reading the message has to put his finger on the screen so as to read the entire message and that is how the companies gets to know how many users have gone through their promotional messages and ads. Few of the companies that have tied by with Snapchat for business purposes are McDonalds, Audi and Taco Bell. There are several other companies who are bonding with this amazing application for marketing purposes.
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