i was gonna come steal this organs-In depth analysis of snap chat

The advent of a new generation is always a lucky break to get a break from all the age old

traditions and customs that you wished to bid adieu long before the arrival of the newer one. But

even after the departure of the previous one, some of its impacts live on and even gets

empowered with the flow of the time. Technology falls under this category. Well though it’s not

that easy to figure out the particular age, when the technological inventions first emerge, but it’s

quite obvious that it’s the technology which has made the modern generation the children of

awesome!! The modern 21st century is better termed as the age of technology, what have lessened

the active involvements of human brains and elongates the fundamentality of the modern age

technological tools. Snap chat is just one of them which have created a strong buzz soon after its

arrival. Snap chat is that modern age I-phone application which has made the cell phone

communication much easier. The snap chat has almost thrown a strong challenge towards the

conventional social networking chatting or the mobile phone text massage communication,

which have become almost the dead woods.I Was Gonna Come Steal This OrgansI Was Gonna Come Steal This Organs

What is snap chat?

Modern technology has reached to the peak of experimentation. Snap chat is recent addition to

the new age inventions’ list. It’s the basic complaint of almost all that the mobile phone or social

networking communication is just on the edge of all sorts of emotional developments, what a

person achieves from the face to face communication. But the text messages are not the proper

platform to express emotion. Hence, being completely incapable to express the emotion, the

chats or the other over the net communication become dull and too materialistic. Advent of the

snap chat can remove this stigma although. Snap chat is that photo messaging application that

allows the sender to send his text message along with the suitable snapchat screenshot or video

clips. Such added images or videos are getter known as the snap shots. Most interestingly, it

depends upon the sender to set a proper span of time for the snapchat screenshot and the

recipients will be able to view the snap chat on his mobile screen for that stipulated timing only.

Hence, even if you are going to share something very secret to your closed one, you can fix the

timing from the get go and the snap will blink upon the mobile screen for that limited time period


Guidance or misguidance?

This is very intriguing to answer; hence the impact of the snap chat or the snapchat screenshot

is not predestined. It completely depends upon your motif or your approach towards using it. The

concept of snap chat is borne out of human brain. So, it depends on you to how to utilize it,

because while operating this app, you are going to play the role of master who has the utmost

capacity to enslave such a powerful-brainless app!! Though sometimes the teens find snap

chatting the best way to share explicit photos or messages to the others, but factually you can’t

put the blame on this mere application only. It will follow its users’ instructions.

Hence, you have got to counsel your teen such a way that he thinks million times before he falls

prey to this trap

snap chat