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Our way of leading the life has been change ever since the time the shadow of technology has

touched the daily life. We want everything fast. We want to stay connected with our fiends

always. Social media sites have opened the door to maintain the contact with the friends. But

the best way to maintain constant contact with friends and extended family members is to use

Snapchat app. This application is not like any other application. It is completely different from

others. It is supported by android phones and other operating systems but not by window phones.

A few things to know about the application:

This application has some features that are completely different. It is unlike other application.

Because in other apps the sent messages do not get deleted automatically rather they can be

read by others even after a long time. This application is easy to use and handle. Users take

snap of them and send the photos to the recipients. The users are available to set the timing for

the picture messages. After the certain time, the message will be deleted. To see the message,

the recipient has to touch the screen constantly. On removing your hands, the message will go

vanished. After a few minutes the message will automatically get removed from the server of this

application permanently. Users those who have used it have reported that they have handled the

application without facing any difficulty. There are such users who are using the app for years

long and they said that they are highly satisfied with the result of the application.

The users have said that they are in constant touch by live video chat. Each user has said that

there is an option enabled for them with the help of which they can look into the stories shared

by their friends. They have added to the report of the researchers that unlike other application,

this application does not harm the milieu of the phone. Some of the users said that they are

amazed with the editing system of the application. You can edit your photos and sent it to the

friends and you can also see friends pictures as well. This application avails the privilege of

watching the social networking pictures as well.I Wanna Go Too Help Me Developer An ADI Wanna Go Too Help Me Developer An AD. Do i look like an AD?

Different features of the application:

Other group of users has reported that the color adding version and text adding system is quite

helpful. They have found it quite amusing to add colors and text to the photos. Along with

sharing photos, people can share their words as well. Though there are some cases of self pics

leaked still it is the best communicative application to use. The problem of pictures leaking can

be stopped by being careful. And if your friends are trustworthy then you can be assured that

your photos are in safe hand.

Those users who love to draw doodles have reported they are satisfied enough with the result of

the application. An option for doodle on the photos is there. Sp you can add a touch of creativity

to the photos clicked by this app.

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