i love walmart sometimes-Man’s accusation misread by judge twice

The younger generation messaging app is in question for varied reasons. Earlier hackers declined

the reputation of the app than parents concern degraded this app and now the neglect of the

accusation brought bad name to the app. Sometimes back a man was accused for taking part in

assaulting of women by videotaping the sexting. Saugus teen the victim was in distress with the

crime committed and she needs justice by court but court also disappointed her by releasing the

criminal on bail.

Accusations on criminal.

Rashad deihim a 19 year old boy was accused of many crimes earlier he was accused of violating

a restraining order of the court than he was accused for dragging his girlfriend with him in the

car. And in both the cases court gave disappointing verdicts by releasing the criminal on bail

with just a warning verdict not to get involved in any trouble again. Criminal and his friend first

unconscious the girl and then attempted rape and make video of the incident of an innocent 16

year old girl and on top of that posted that video on snap chat. After this biggest crime he was

released on bail by judge. Which puts a question mark on law system of the place?

In another incident both deihim and bonia are arrested for kidnapping a child. Both of them are

accused again and again for repeated crimes two times accused for rape cases than once for

kidnapping charges than again accused for posing a child in state of nudity and four other

indecent assaults but still court has allegedly released the criminal.I Love Walmart SometimesI Love Walmart Sometimes

Steps to be taken by law

Crime and criminal are growing in the place because of the leniency of the court. Court is not

giving any strong verdict in any case which is increasing the strength of the criminals. Now it’s

high time we should all stand up against the increasing crime in our place. We should together

fight for the crime. Criminals like deihim and bonia should be given strict punishments and

illegal apps like snap chat should be banned as these types of apps are ruining the future of the

future generation. If nothing strict is done in this scenario than we all have to repent on our past.

To make our present and future secure. Law should tighten up themselves and charge strict

punishment against these criminals.


To conclude we can say that giving bail to these criminals is a very wrong step taken by law as

criminals of this grade need to be punished strictly. If we want a safe and secure place to live

criminals should be punished hard. As safety of women comes up only when there were no

crimes planned against them. All the criminal need to be punished and crimes given a full stop to

make the place better place to live in. this a country of love and care and love and care can be

spread only by reducing crime in the country.

Hence Criminals should be punished hard for the safety and security of the women.

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